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Can You Afford to Quit Your Job?

Can You Afford to Quit Your Job?

Thinking about leaving your job? The decision can be both scary and liberating, but if you are ready to follow through, it’s important to make sure the process is thought out. Whether you are quitting to get more freedom, higher earning potential or a more enjoyable career path, you will likely need money in the…

Forex Scalping Made Easy

PopTech 2009 attendees, day 3 - 39

by Ed Yourdon The foreign exchange market is a volatile one. No different from a body of water, it tosses and turns. Individuals braving themselves aboard the dinghies of forex scalping sit tight and hold on for the ride of their lives as waves peak and crash, with currents churning beneath. Although roller coaster rides…

Personal Finance Simplified Management


On Your Own Two Feet: Steady Steps to Women’s Financial Independence A man is not a financial plan. So says investor and entrepreneur Kim Kiyosaki. Australian financial adviser Helen Baker couldn’t agree more. In On Your Own Two Feet: Steps Towards Financial Independence, Helen Baker blends the financial wisdom gained in her years as an…