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Video appears to show the joint US raid against ISIS in Iraq that killed an American soldier

(Screencap/NBC News)
This screenshot from helmet camera footage of a US Special Forces raid shows troops navigating a building where hostages were being held.

Newly obtained video appears to show the joint US-Kurdish raid of an alleged ISIS stronghold in northern Iraq that killed one US service member.

Army Master Sergeant Joshua L. Wheeler was the first American to die in ground combat with ISIS, and the first American service member to die in Iraq since the war there ended in 2011.

This screenshot from helmet camera footage of a US Special Forces raid shows troops navigating a building where hostages were being held.

Two videos of the raid have emerged. One was obtained by NBC News from the news website, Arab24, which claims to have received the footage from Kurdish military officials.

Another video, which appears to show the same raid, was reported by The Washington Post and obtained from the Kurdish news site, Rudaw.

Heavy gunfire can be heard in both videos as alleged hostages who were wearing bloodied prison attire hurry to safety. The helmet camera video shows troops moving swiftly through the building near Hawija, Iraq.

Troops conducted the raid in a prison there, hundreds of kilometers southeast of Mosul, US officials said on Thursday. Reuters cited a statement from the Pentagon which
said the hostages held there faced imminent mass execution.

The raid was a joint effort by US Delta Forces and the Kurdish Peshmurga special forces, NBC News and The Post reported. An ISIS flag can be seen in the video, which plays out in its entirety from inside the building.

ISIS has been the target of US-led airstrikes in both Iraq and Syria for more than a year.

Business Insider’s military reporter Jeremy Bender wrote that Master Sergeant Wheeler’s killing brings the death toll among the anti-ISIS coalition to three.

A Canadian soldier was killed in friendly fire in March, and ISIS executed Jordanian pilot, Moaz al-Kasasbeh, in January.

You can see the dramatic footage of the raid below.

NOW WATCH: This air base in Qatar carries out American airstrikes in Iraq and Syria

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* An American soldier died during a U.S.-led rescue operation to save Kurdish hostages from an ISIS prison. CBS News national security correspondent David Martin joins CBSN with more.


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    • Alexnder Johnson
    • October 25, 2015

    Rest In Peace Soldier

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    • Maalik Islam
    • October 25, 2015

    Ignorant security. They should have rigged the area with explosives. And then one man standing aloof from the area while communicating with radio if something fishy happens. Thus you make it impossible for the impure idolaters to break in to the prison. And once the impure idolaters happen to come in for their break in and terrorism, then the IS fighters move away from the area in a tactical retreat, until the united snakes forces thinks that they have run away as cowards. And once they secure the area, and feel themselves calm and they go in to rescue those atheist communist filth, then you pull the button taking the whole area, their helicopters and anything moving therein with you. And then the next day, you show it to the world as a victory. And then these disbelievers will have hundred of hearings about it, and politicize it, and the families will blame the sitting government, and then they will not risk saving some communist filth for all of that trouble next time. Did you understand?

    But since ISIS are khawaarij ignorant takfiris, they will never get vctory, unless they repent and cease their khawaarijism and come back to the correct Islam. And then rectify their own ranks, by punishing every single one of thes soldiers who have no Adab, but show ignorance, arrogance and bad mannerism, or bragging and evil attributes. And then you educate them with the example and piety of the Sahaba. Forcing every Mujahid to Pray at night, fast monday and thursdays and do much good deeds. If they do not do that, then they will be defeated and humiliated.

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