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Earnings help make beating Wall Street that much sweeter

Earnings help make beating Wall Street that much sweeter

Still, not many company have missed. Of the first 340 S&P 500 companies to report earnings for the third quarter, 76 percent of them have beaten estimates, FactSet reports, which is above historical averages. Still, it hasn’t been all peaches and cream … Continue reading at

The Week Ahead in Financials: Visa, HSBC and Berkshire Hathaway on Deck for Earnings

Visa joins the M&A bandwagon Visa reports its fiscal fourth quarter earnings before the market open on Monday. Given the amount of business Visa does internationally, it will be feeling the sting of a strong dollar, but investors have reason to be … Continue reading at

FBR & Co. Equities Analysts Reduces Earnings Estimates for Schlumberger Limited. (SLB)

FBR & Co. lowered their FY2017 earnings per share estimates for Schlumberger Limited. (NYSE:SLB) in a research report issued on Thursday, Zacks reports. FBR & Co. analyst T. Curran now expects that the brokerage will post earnings of $ 4.07 per share for … Continue reading at

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Capital One Financial Corp. Brokers Reduces Earnings Estimates for Seventy Seven Energy (SSE)

Analysts at Capital One Financial Corp. dropped their Q1 2016 EPS estimates for shares of Seventy Seven Energy (NYSE:SSE) in a report released on Thursday, Zacks Investment Research reports … Seven Energy's Q1 2016 earnings is ($ 0.85) per share. Continue reading at

Deutsche Lufthansa AG (ADR) (DLAKY) Reports 3QFY15 Earnings

Deutsche Lufthansa AG (ADR) (OTCMKTS:DLAKY) reported growth in revenues and earnings per share (EPS) in its third quarter fiscal year 2015 (3QFY15) earnings release yesterday. It also reported a reduction in its expenses, which explains the increase in EPS. Continue reading at

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Learn The Basics of Stock Investment Here!For most people, stock investing is a daunting concept. We have heard many success stori…

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Do you have a large sum of money to invest? Do you hesitate to invest because it seems so complex? Are you too busy to actively ma…

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Investing Basics

Capital One Financial Corp. Expects SM Energy to Earn FY2016 Earnings of (.99) Per Share (SM)

Investment analysts at Capital One Financial Corp. dropped their FY2016 earnings per share (EPS) estimates for SM Energy (NYSE:SM) in a report issued on Thursday, Zacks Investment Research reports. Capital One Financial Corp. analyst B. Velie now forecasts … Continue reading at

Motley Fool: 'Anticipated' earnings not reliable indicator

In quarterly earnings reports and elsewhere, company bigwigs will often mention their earnings and revenue expectations for the coming quarter or year. In the past, such information was often privately disclosed to select parties, but that's no longer … Continue reading at

Earnings help make beating Wall Street that much sweeter

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KeyBanc Comments on Teledyne Technologies' Q4 2015 Earnings (TDY)

Equities researchers at KeyBanc decreased their Q4 2015 earnings estimates for shares of Teledyne Technologies (NYSE:TDY) in a research report issued to clients and investors on Thursday, Zacks Investment Research reports. KeyBanc analyst M. Ciarmoli now … Continue reading at

FBR & Co. Issues Q4 2015 Earnings Forecast for Schlumberger Limited. (SLB)

Research analysts at FBR & Co. decreased their Q4 2015 earnings per share (EPS) estimates for Schlumberger Limited. (NYSE:SLB) in a research report issued on Thursday, Zacks reports. FBR & Co. analyst T. Curran now anticipates that the firm will post … Continue reading at

* John Oliver discusses America’s growing wealth gap and why it may be a problem in the future.

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    • ZhangtheGreat
    • November 1, 2015

    Here's something many people unfortunately do not understand: in order to be poor in the US, you have to be rich.
    Wait, what? Yes, you have to be rich in order to be poor. What does that mean? It means the poor need more to make a living because the POOR PAY MORE. They pay more in money, time, hassle, and overall energy. They pay more because they don't have the necessary capital to take advantage of what the wealthier can and do. Here's the article that highlights their struggles:
    Still think the poor "have it easy"?

    View Comment
    • Liping Rahman
    • November 2, 2015

    this makes me think that we Americans maybe just a nation of suckers

    View Comment
    • Varun Dewan
    • November 2, 2015

    Conservatives only destroy the country no matter where they operate! they are a bane to humanity..
    people who just believe is shit without giving a thought to it.. and we have voting rights for such retards.. they harm EVERYONE!

    View Comment
    • coolfool425
    • November 2, 2015

    The Great Depression was not a result of income inequality, but of people making horrible financial decisions and people not being able to pay off credit.

    View Comment
    • Mike Bangs
    • November 2, 2015

    We have the wealth gap because of the senseless government actions that have surfaced due to being ruled by democrats for the last 8 years, and arguably 16 if you consider Bush to be partly democratic. A republican, against public knowledge, will be BETTER than a democrat. Democrats want to divide and conquer while republicans want to unify

    View Comment
    • krayzeeasskris
    • November 2, 2015

    Oh snap; a Resource Based Economy would solve all these problems!

    View Comment
    • Nicholas Garcia
    • November 2, 2015

    A lottery with three numbers and all three are drawn. And somehow, some ticket holders would still find a way to lose.

    View Comment
    • that_pac12
    • November 2, 2015

    This is why if I could vote yet, Bernie Sanders would be my pick without a doubt! I WANT TO VOTE!

    View Comment
    • Bainin Red
    • November 2, 2015

    Technically almost every American won already by beeing born in America rather then Africa or another poor country.

    View Comment
    • Collin S.
    • November 2, 2015

    This truly is Brillent. My only question is are you the love child of Mr. Popper's penguin and his penguin?

    View Comment
    • lifelessperson1993
    • November 2, 2015

    Rich Dad, Poor Dad…

    View Comment
    • brian kwon
    • November 2, 2015

    its too bad no one is talking about it now that its time.

    View Comment
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