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Mutual Funds Flail at Valuing Hot Startups Like Uber

Mutual Funds Flail at Valuing Hot Startups Like Uber

Millions of Americans own a piece of the hottest private technology companies through their mutual funds. But no one knows what those investments are actually worth. Consider car-hailing king Uber Technologies Inc., the world's most highly valued startup. Continue reading at

Economic State of Latin America and Mutual Fund Performance

Once synonymous with Latin America, Brazil used to be the first nation to come mind whenever discussing the economic state of the Latin American bloc. However, by September 2015, Brazil was a mess. Economic contraction has taken hold of the nation. Continue reading at

Mutual Funds Flail at Valuing Hot Startups Like Uber

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Aggressive Growth Funds Dip Again in Q3

Investments in Aggressive Growth mutual funds are made with the purpose of high capital gains. These funds invest in companies that show high growth prospects. While the characteristic of high gains failed to live up to expectations in the second quarter … Continue reading at

Mutual Funds

Debt fund short-term gains are taxed at marginal rates

When it comes to choosing schemes, there is no single best plan and a better approach is to put together a small basket of 2-3 mutual fund schemes Staying calm and keeping on with investing is the best way to accumulate wealth over the long term. Continue reading at

The Average American’s Investment Returns — and How You Can Do Better

The study also found that in the 20-year period ending Dec. 31, 2013, the average investor (in all varieties of mutual funds) only managed an average total return of about 2.5%. According to Richard Bernstein Advisors, this performance was even worse than … Continue reading at

Mutual Funds: The Essential Strategies to Make Investing in Mutual Funds Profitable (Mutual Funds, Stocks for Beginners, Day Trading, Options Trading, … Stocks and Investing, Stock Market)
Discover The Essential Strategies to Make Investing in Mutual Funds Profitable
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A Beginners’ Guide to Mutual Funds: Everything to Know to Start Investing in Mutual Funds: Includes List of 20 Best Mutual Investment Funds
Mutual funds have become popular as an investing strategy over the last 20 years for many ordinary people. What use to be a v…

Live Rich Save Money!: Learn Investing; From Stocks to Mutual Fund Research in 47 Wonderful Ways (Save Money Easy 4)
Millions Are Learning How to Start Investing, Including Stocks and Mutual Funds, to Protect Their Current and Future Assets Now!Yo…

Mutual Funds

Essel Finance eyes M&As in microfinance, MF space

“Four areas have been zeroed in on for diversification in the coming year. Of this, three businesses such as mutual fund, microfinance and digital payments will be added through acquisitions. In fact, we are actively talking to one MFI and if the pricing … Continue reading at

The Hartford Capital Appreciation Fund: What You Need to know

The Hartford Capital Appreciation ETF (ITHAX) is an actively managed mutual fund. The fund invests 65% of its net asset in US medium- and large-cap companies, and the remaining 35% in international securities, including companies that conduct their … Continue reading at

Mutual Funds Flail at Valuing Hot Startups Like Uber

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Forget socially responsible; this fund cashes in on sin

(When asked why defense stocks qualify, Sullivan quips that going to war is “a vice of Republicans, at least” -- before explaining that many large funds will not invest in defense stocks for moral reasons.) While the mutual fund has been around for 12 … Continue reading at

First batch of HK, China mutual recognition funds expected by year-end

The scheme, which regulators from both sides started discussing in 2012, will allow global asset managers to secure a bigger slice of money available for investment in China and vice versa. “The mutual fund recognition scheme has been very high on our … Continue reading at

Mutual Funds

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