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5 Large-Cap Stocks Surging with Great Momentum

5 Large-Cap Stocks Surging with Great Momentum

5 Large-Cap Stocks Surging with Great Momentum

For instance, small-cap stocks, with their comparatively deeper … Hence, we will focus on large-caps, which are big, established companies in the stock market, and have been around for a while. By virtue of their dominant market position, global … Continue reading at

The 4 Best Mid-Cap Stock Funds

But a closer look at the data shows that mid caps are the market's real sweet spot. See Also: 8 Great Dividend Stocks You’ve Never Heard Of The numbers are clear: Since 1926, U.S. mid caps have produced better returns than either large-cap stocks or … Continue reading at

High-Quality U.S. Stocks Are Trading at Bargain Prices

large-cap value and dividend-oriented strategies. Small- and mid-cap stocks look especially attractive, because most of these businesses are oriented toward our domestic market. Lower energy and commodity prices are reducing input costs and these companies … Continue reading at

Large Cap Trading

Growth Investing: Seasonality Favors Small-Cap ETFs

His data-driven, no-nonsense approach provides an excellent perspective on the market. He is a former portfolio manager and CMT.) With this short-term look back, it's easy to fall prey to the notion that now is the time to be bullish on large-cap stocks …Large Cap Continue reading at

Brandes Institute - The Next Big Thing Could Be Really Small: An Introduction To Global Micro-Cap Stocks

More than 60% of those companies are micro caps (companies with a market capitalization between $ 50 million and $ 500 million). As shown in Exhibit 1, the universe of micro-cap companies is nearly twice as large as the global small- to mid-cap stock … Continue reading at

Large Cap Trading

AbbVie Topped XBI's Large-Cap Space

During this period, XBI's large-cap stocks have outperformed XBI and SPY with a return … ABBV continued its strong run and has now gained for seven consecutive trading sessions. ABBV closed at $ 63.38 and surpassed its 100-day moving average price … Continue reading at

* Large Cap Tech Stocks Move Lower Below 50 Day Moving Average 10/9/13.
The Trend indicator is moving down along with all momentum indicators. Right now on most folks mind is the Debt battle going on in Washington. Any sudden good news could give the market a boost up.
The buyers that stepped in during the later part of the trading day may signal the down move is close to being over. Any good news out of Washington will certainly give the market a bounce.
The DIA pierced the lows of August and then sellers came in to support the DIA from going lower. If there is no sudden bad news, then the DIA may try to move back up into resistance areas. When the 5,1 Stochastic moves above the 20 line, the DIA will have a buy for a bounce. The RSI never hit below 30. Below 30 and the DIA turns extremely bearish for the long term. CCI came down, but not as deep as in August….. that is bullish.
The QQQ plunged again today and was saved by buyers coming in and supporting the price at the lows. Look for the 5,1 Stochastic to turn above the 20 line for a bounce. RSI stopped at 41 and that leaves the QQQ still in a bull trend.
The SPY moved down sharply and like the other ETF funds, buyers came in and held support. The buy signal will be the 5,1 Stochastic moving above the 20 line. The RSI is at 40 and if it does not go lower, that keeps the SPY in a bull trend.
The momentum indicators are bearish.
The IWM moved below the 50 day moving average on good volume. The CCI is not as deep as the last move down in August and the same goes for the RSI. RSI holding 40 line is bullish for the IWM.

Large Cap Trading

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