Should you Invest in stocks, ETFs or mutual funds?

Should you Invest in stocks, ETFs or mutual funds?

Should you Invest in stocks, ETFs or mutual funds?

New investors may think that certain investment products, such as mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, are just steppingstones on the way to the big boys of investing, stocks. That couldn't be further from the truth. Most investors use a portfolio of … Continue reading at

10 Stocks Or Funds To Have For The Next 10 Years – Part 1 Of 3

The next ten years (through to 2025) will see a dramatic rise in the global middle class, more baby boomers retiring, technology advancing more into the “smart” home and office with the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Everything (IoE), the … Continue reading at

Billionaires Join Buyout Funds in Bet on Brazilian Education

Brazil's Education Ministry surprised markets and triggered a stock plunge for education companies like Kroton … last year and fellow billionaire Julio Bozano opened a private equity fund for education. In the most recent deal, private-equity firm … Continue reading at

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RPT-Investors desert BRIC funds due to poor returns, weak economic growth

But BRIC funds’ total net assets have shrunk to just 5 billion euros from the 22.4 billion they boasted at the end of 2010, Lipper data shows. The decline in fortunes has been underway for some time. Stock markets in China, Russia and Brazil, weighed down … Continue reading at

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Allianz Global Investors bets on off-benchmark stocks in search for alpha

… benchmark and off-benchmark stocks in order to expand its investable universe of stocks as well as to enhanced alpha generation for its global small cap equity fund. The company prefers small-cap companies in US and Europe economies that show gradual … Continue reading at

Quicken Home & Business 2009 [OLD VERSION]
Quicken Home and Business makes it simple to manage all your personal and business finances in one place-- so you can see how you…

DANIEL H. STONE The Rear Admiral is shown posing in uniform in front of an American Flag. Inscribed Photograph signed: “To Jeffrey…

The Ultimate Guide to Trading ETFs: How To Profit from the Hottest Sectors in the Hottest Markets All the Time
An essential guide to trading trends with ETFs At any given time, a particular country’s market or a particular segment of the mar…

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U.S.-based stock funds attract .7 bln in latest week -Lipper

(Adds quote, more research data, context) By Trevor Hunnicutt NEW YORK, Nov 5 (Reuters) – U.S.-based stock funds posted their fourth straight week of net new money as investors pumped $ 4.4 billion into banks, technology and real estate during the week that … Continue reading at

* What are Mutual Funds, Index Funds, & ETF’s and How to Evaluate Them

If you’re looking to invest your money, such as your investment capital and you want some exposure to the stock market in hopes of your money appreciating but you’re a little more hands off – you might have been looking at mutual funds.

I want to explain the differences between Mutual Funds, Index Funds and ETFs – and how to evaluate them.

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