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Chinese Economy Slows – How Chinese News Affects American Investors

Chinese Economy Slows – How Chinese News Affects American Investors

The slowdown in the Chinese economy hit a new low in the third quarter of 2015. China’s growth rate slipped below the 7% mark to 6.9%. Such a growth rate would set off celebrations in the U.S., but in China, that represents the lowest growth rate since the … Continue reading at

Despite tail-winds, eurozone economy loses momentum

LONDON (AP) -- The eurozone economic recovery lost momentum in the third quarter of the year, official figures showed Friday -- a development that’s set to pile further pressure on the European Central Bank to expand its monetary stimulus. Despite a … Continue reading at

Chinese Economy Slows  How Chinese News Affects American Investors

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Eurozone Economy Slows as Exports Weaken

The eurozone economy slowed in the three months to September as exports to large developing economies weakened, a development that makes it more likely the European Central Bank will expand its stimulus programs in December. The slowdown was led by Germany … Continue reading at

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The Latest: Eurozone economy loses momentum in third quarter

BRUSSELS (AP) -- The latest news on the European economic figures released Friday. All times local: 11:10 a.m. Across much of the 19-country eurozone, economic growth was a struggle in the third quarter of the year despite cheaper oil, moderate or falling … Continue reading at

Slowing world trade is bad news for the economy

Global trade is faltering again just as the world economy needs a shot in the arm. And unless the world’s biggest economies speed up efforts to make it easier to trade, the slowdown could get worse. The top 20 developed and emerging countries have even … Continue reading at

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LCCI sets economic agenda for Buhari's ministers

Yusuf told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that the chamber was pleased that the long awaited cabinet members, had been assigned portfolios. Yusuf urged the minsters to drive economic transformation of the country through formulation of positive … Continue reading at

Sensex, Nifty fall for third straight week on Bihar poll results, weak economic data, Q2 earnings

A poor show of the BJP-led NDA in the Bihar Assembly elections also raised concerns among investor that the opposition parties may disrupt the Centre’s economic reform process. The S&P BSE Sensex slipped below the psychological 26,000-mark to close at … Continue reading at

Chinese Economy Slows  How Chinese News Affects American Investors

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2016 MG3 Comes With Better Fuel Economy and a Few Other Goodies

Remember MG? Yeah, it’s that British brand loved by pipe tobacco-smoking gentlemen in tweed jackets. But the modern-day MG is not loved by those gentlemen, partly because MG isn’t offering modern roadster. Every British auto enthusiast wants an all-new MG … Continue reading at

IMF supports India’s current economic reforms

ET SPECIAL:Love visual aspect of news? Enjoy this exclusive slideshows treat! WASHINGTON: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said it broadly supports the direction of India’s economic reforms undertaken by the government led by Prime Minister … Continue reading at

U.S. Economy Still on Track Even as World Growth Falters

was not happy news. GDP growth in Europe for the third quarter was also a mild disappointment. Robert Johnson, CFA, is the director of economic analysis with Morningstar.Roland Czerniawski is an analyst on Morningstar's markets research team. Some of the … Continue reading at

* Dirk Hofschire, SVP at Fidelity Investments, reviews some key points from the Asset Allocation Research Team's Q3 2015 Quarterly Market Update, discusses global economic and financial market developments in Q2, and provides an investment outlook for the rest of the year.

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Hello, I'm Dirk Hofschire of Fidelity Investments. On behalf of my colleagues on the Asset Allocation Research Team, I'd like to share with you our insights on what’s been happening in the markets, in the economy, and think about the outlook going forward for 2015.

So, I think back to the second quarter of this year, it was kind of a lackluster period for the markets. We had really flat-ish performance across most of the stock and bond categories. And one of the reasons I think is we simply had sort of a steady but unspectacular global macro environment. Countries like the U.S. and the eurozone, developed economies, are in what we call a mid-cycle expansion, so very healthy parts of the economic cycle. But, on the other hand, you've got China and many other emerging markets that are really facing cyclical headwinds and struggling to regain traction. So, you put that all together and it’s really been a slow growth and kind of uneven progress on the global macro environment.

A big item in the news over the past several weeks has been Greece, and we do believe it’s going to be there for the next several weeks as well. Greece failed to make a payment on its sovereign debt, had to close its banking system, and essentially the odds that it eventually leaves the eurozone have gone up. But no matter what happens next there's going to be a lot of volatility around the uncertainty. The good news is we think the eurozone economy is in pretty good shape no matter what happens. This is a near-term impediment but there’s a lot of reasons the eurozone can hold up better than it would’ve perhaps a few years ago if this had occurred. One is that it has less exposure to the Greek financial system and to Greek assets, it delivers a lot more in place in terms of a solid economic trajectory, more stimulus from the European Central Bank, and the markets to this point for bonds in other peripheral countries like Italy, Spain, and Portugal--their yields haven’t gone up and spiked like they did in previous episodes several years ago. So, overall a fairly ring-fenced problem to Greece although we do expect greater volatility ahead.

The U.S. economy will be even less impacted because the real strength of the economy has been the household sector. So, domestically here, the U.S. consumer has been boosted by more job gains, falling unemployment rate, income gains are now starting to show up, and with the low inflation, real inflation-adjusted wage gains at one of their highest levels in years. So, you put that together with the balance sheet repair we’ve seen the last few years where households have been paring down their debt, and the growth we're finally seeing in consumer credit coming back. Now, we really think that the U.S. mid cycle is in pretty good shape. […]

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