How to pick winning dividend stocks: Lessons from Apple and Coke

How to pick winning dividend stocks: Lessons from Apple and Coke

The company has increased its dividend in each and every year over the last 53 consecutive years (Photo: Seth Perlman, AP) Statistical studies have proven that investing in dividend stocks can be a powerful strategy for superior returns over the long term. Continue reading at

Retirement Strategy: The Simple Beauty Of Dividend Income For Retirement

I don’t want to create a firestorm of battling commentary, but I believe it is a good idea to explain as well, and as simply as possible, why I believe that dividend growth investing is the best way (for me) to have a secure financial future and retirement. Continue reading at

The Time Is Right For This Dividend ETF

… With Currency Protection "The investor hunger for yield has the market placing a premium on the highest-yielding stocks. Dividend growth stocks tend to be higher quality and are inexpensive compared to those options. They are also cheap relative to … Continue reading at

Stock Market Investing

The Importance Of Investing Your Savings

The investment I'm talking about is high quality dividend growth stocks. The best dividend growth stocks raise their dividend payments every year. The dividends the company pays out to its investors can be used to repurchase more of the company … Continue reading at

5 Tips for Using Dividend Stocks to Pay for Retirement

Once you retire and begin to truly, fully enjoy your "golden years," the last unpleasant surprise you'll want to confront is that you cash pile isn't going to last as long as you had planned. To hopefully avoid that distress, US News recently … Continue reading at

AppleTrading Strategy 100: Trade To Win: Stop Gambling In the Market And Master The Art of Risk Management When Trading And Investing (Investing Basics: Make Money with Trading)
Trading Strategy series is your most efficient method to understand how efficient trading and investing are executed by optimizing…
AppleStock Investing Successfully for Beginners: (w/ FREE BONUSES) Making Money with Stocks in just a FEW HOURS! (Investing Basics, Investing, Stocks, … Stock Trading, Business & Investing)
AppleStock Market Investing: What You Need to Know About the Stock Market
Whether you are going to try your hand at the stock market for the first time, or you are looking for ways to make yourself a bett…

Stock Market Investing

Celgene: A Primer on Growth Stock Value Investing – Part 2

In part one found here, my primary focus was on the benefits of investing in fundamentally strong dividend growth stocks when they are out of favor, and therefore, undervalued as a result. In this part two, I will be turning my attention to determining … Continue reading at


Dramatic video released by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police showed a motorcyclist, who failed to stop for police, driving through a shopping centre in Surrey, Canada last month.


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  1. kungfu2toe

    Ride on!!! he's on a mission from god!!!

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  2. Golden Phoenix

    it's terminator 6, look closely i'm sure it's Arnold… HASTA LA VISTA, BABY!

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  3. richard murphy

    so Surrey so Surrey

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  4. 19zorak

    funny how they can follow this guy with cameras so easy, but they cant find that convoy of white toyotas isis is drivin ! dang

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  5. nunya biznez

    looks like it worked.

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  6. M3gaSn0w042

    This is funny!

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  7. MrFako100

    GTA 6 Coming soon

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  8. Bisholi M

    Wow Its fun when sometimes someone Gets away and take His Fridom with him/her…:)

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  9. viperswhip

    I would have knocked him off his bike, but I don't go to the mall very often.

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  10. Yasserj7

    Out west , they are more like Americans rather than canadian :)

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  11. Luis Rosales

    As he drives by…
    excuse me eh… pardon me mate….CHEEERS!

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  12. kanisha smith

    So fuckin sexy!!! Lol

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  13. Why is everyone saying the biker is a muslim? The only muslims I see are the cops with their RCMP turbans.

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  14. Bisholi M


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  15. kristian v. smid

    what you dont wanna do for shortcuts! HAHA

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  16. lake fire


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  17. TheTitaniumsyfy

    Many years ago young Muslims did it in a France's mall to play.

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  18. Mike Smith

    Needs Benny Hill chase theme music.

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  19. Someone has been watching too many movies.

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