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Ride on!!! he's on a mission from god!!! …

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Ride on!!! he's on a mission from god!!!

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Love It, October 31, 2012
This review is from: Forex Day Trading Millionaire : Escape 9-5,Live Anywhere,Join The New Rich Traders Love It: Little Dirty Secrets and Weird Tricks Pulling Massive Piles Of Cash For You (Paperback)
I love this work and the strategies and systems revealed. Really, the secrets in Forex is to have a winning strategy and know when and how to use it. The author presents you with 10 strategies(read the book to pick one or as many as you wish) and shows how to trade them. Forex market is about trader’s open interest, volume and price action. Trader X demonstrates how to find these areas and exploit them. See, the no strategy will make you any good if you are using it the wrong way. There is no ones good always good strategy. If you are using the strategy at wrong place or price zone it will not work. The book shows the favorite spots of the big movers in the market and helps you follow in their steps. If you are a retail trader it is much easier to piggy back on the big boys than create your own move.

I feel that this book has given me a unfair advantage on the rest of the traders. As you know forex is a zero sum game and the only way to make money is for someone else to lose. Usually in forex the newbies and the beginners are the losers and the more experienced traders make a rage on them. The book helps you not to be a newbie any longer and to have a deeper understanding regarding the price movement and why you should take a trade or not. If you are new and aspiring trader you will feel much better taking a trade after reading this book. The book will give you the necessary confidence to execute with coolness. No longer you will wander if you need to take the trade or not. The book gives you step by step instructions on how to execute the strategies and wait the market. The book also advises on when not to use the strategies. Trader X warns about important zones in the market(read the book for more information on that). Knowing these zones is like having your magic crystal ball. Every single time these zones produce high volume and if you are with the trend you will get your share. It is almost like having your magical cash machine. Every time you get to these zones pull the lever and collect.
If you are newbie and aspiring trader you should definitely get this book it will make your life a lot easier.


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