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Here’s where the growth is in large-cap tech stocks

Here's where the growth is in large-cap tech stocks

But if you're a pure growth player or momentum trader unafraid of such market froth, now's a good time to see which of the biggest large-cap tech companies is growing the fastest. That's because stock analysts have updated their revenue and profit … Continue reading at

Hologic Tops Large-Cap Stocks in Year-to-Date Performance

outperformed the other large-cap stocks. Hologic has a market cap of ~$ 11.19 billion. The iShares US Medical Devices ETF (IHI) invests ~2.2% of its portfolio in Hologic. The corporation has given a YTD (year-to-date) return of 48.5% as of November 12 … Continue reading at

Current U.S. Stock Market Condition Rating On 43 Indicators

We also added a few more indicators that help add depth and color to the market conditions. Overall US large-cap stock market is currently moderately Bullish, all indicators taken together Important fundamental indicators are mixed, but currently net … Continue reading at

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Weekly Stock Market Outlook: Rally Gets Ahead Of Itself

This Week's Stock Market Outlook: Stock Market Rally Got Ahead Of Itself … would mean small-caps groups are gaining in relative strength versus large-cap groups. That would be evidence that the expected seasonal tendency is holding true to form. Continue reading at

Five Stocks Made Up All Of S&P 500's YTD Return: Goldman

The market is characterized by a narrow breath … U.S. economic growth and peak margins should put a premium on stocks with perceived high secular growth prospects. They note large-cap firms with strong balance sheets are also more insulated than small … Continue reading at

One Up On Wall Street: How To Use What You Already Know To Make Money In The Market
More than one million copies have been sold of this seminal book on investing in which legendary mutual-fund manager Peter Lynch e…

The Checkbook IRA – Why You Want It, Why You Need It: A private conversation with a top retirement tax attorney (Self-Directed Retirement Plans) (Volume 2)
Unlock a world of investment opportunities and take control of your retirement future with the Checkbook IRA. The financial indust…

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Airlines, tourism-based stocks lead declines in Asia

“We expect more steps will be needed because of the attractiveness of the stock market where the government is pursuing … was expected following a 1.3 percent slide in its U.S. ADRs. Large-cap Telstra added 0.2 percent. However, all four major lenders … Continue reading at

What Has Propelled Insiders to Cash Out of These Strong-Performing Stocks?

Our research has shown that hedge funds' large-cap stock picks historically underperformed the S … returning 102% and beating the market by more than 53 percentage points. We believe the data is clear: investors will be better off by focusing on … Continue reading at

Kuwait indices remain lackluster - BAYAN WEEKLY MARKET REPORT

On Wednesday's session, the market witnessed variance in its closings for the three indices, whereas the Weighted and KSX-15 indices were able to return to the green zone supported by the collection operations that concentrated on the large-cap stocks … Continue reading at

Exercise caution while investing in mid-cap stocks, says AEGON Religare Life Insurance's CIO Saibal Ghosh

The biggest challenge for the market is market itself as the valuation tends to … Some bit of midcap should be a part of one's portfolio as large cap stocks do not represent all the sectors in the economy. Besides some of the quality mid-caps will … Continue reading at

* Jason Burack had on first time guest, newsletter writer and investment analyst Frank Curzio

Frank has one of the top investing podcasts on iTunes. Frank’s father was a famed newsletter writer and value investor before the internet and Frank worked on Wall St. Frank has also worked for with Jim Cramer and also with Porter Stansberry.

During this 40+ minute discussion, Jason and Frank start off by discussing the natural resources industry specifically gold, silver and oil.

Jason asks Frank if he thinks there’s more pain and bankruptcies ahead for the gold and silver miners after Allied Nevada declared bankruptcy this week.

Frank thinks there could be more pain in the short term but in the long term miners have trimmed most of the fat from their businesses.

Jason and Frank discuss investing in oil stocks, how to do proper risk control and how difficult it is to be a value investor in resource stocks.

Next, Jason asks Frank about the technology sector and if he thinks it’s in a bubble like in 1999 like Mark Cuban has recently claimed.

Frank says most technology stocks are in nowhere near the bubble like things were in 1999 how companies with a few web pages and no business plans got ridiculously high valuations.

Frank names some technology sectors he likes and he and Jason discuss Apple and how to be a technology value investor who still gets some growth.

Jason points out the value plus growth investing methodology of Sir John Templeton rather than pure Warren Buffett/Benjamin Graham value investing methodology.

To wrap up the interview, Jason asks Frank about the valuations on large cap dividend stocks. Frank thinks most large cap dividend stocks are overvalued but that they will become even more overvalued going forward.

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    • Leo Lax
    • November 16, 2015

    This person is idiot

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    • Vancouver Blogs
    • November 16, 2015

    What? No "Oil about to take off" guests? Or, "Oil drop is short term." Used to watch this show, haven't for many months, and won't again.

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    • RapidRay01
    • November 16, 2015

    He worked with Jim ( BooYah ! ) Cramer ? He lost all creditability with me after stating that ! ?
    All Cramer's stock recommendations have been lemons !!

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