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Commitment Matters: Secrets Of Long-Term Investing Revealed

Commitment Matters: Secrets Of Long-Term Investing Revealed

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Commitment Matters Secrets Of LongTerm Investing Revealed

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* It has been thirteen long months since the investigation against Jagan began and what has been achieved in this period?

Those who are probing the matter are no ordinary individuals--they are high-placed officials, endowed with extraordinary intelligence, officials who know how to implicate others in false cases and how to charge them with acts that they have not committed. They know very well how to exploit the loopholes in the legal system against their adversaries, how to train people and even threaten them if necessary, to become false witnesses. In spite of being past masters at this craft, why is it that the probe is still not getting over? These officials are accountable to the tax-paying public.
What did the heaps of files and number of teams from different states formed to probe into the case lead to? Why isn’t the investigation over yet? Why is it that the enthusiasm shown in this case far outstrips what was shown in major terrorist plots such as the 26/11 attack involving Kasab or the Gokul chat bhandar case? The only explanation is that Jagan’s detractors wanted to tar the reputation of a towering leader who was committed to the welfare of his people and sacrificed his life for them and show him in poor light. They wanted to put Jagan, who started to spend all his time in the midst of the suffering poor, in jail. Did all their efforts yield anything? They faulted Sakshi for selling shares worth Rs. 10 at Rs. 350 (at less than half the value of Eenadu’s shares) conveniently ignoring the fact that Eenadu had sold shares worth Rs. 100 each at Rs.5,00,000. Why such drama, such fuss over all this, when the Sakshi group had officially declared this fact?
Sakshi had stated all facts publicly and officially without hiding anything, unlike Eenadu, which concealed the Reliance group’s holdings and investments. Moreover, there is no need for us to hide anything either. Besides, thus far a very prolonged investigation has been conducted. Have they managed to unearth any new fact? Has the probe revealed that we own any hotel in Singapore or that we have proxy links to any liquor syndicate or that we have any foreign accounts? There is palpable resentment on the part of Jagan’s detractors at not being able to find anything against us which is evident in the harassment we are being subjected to.
Why is the probe against Jagan being prolonged? Why are those who are close to him being dragged into this probe? Isn’t the motive behind this farce simply to delay the investigation? How many more charge-sheets need to be filed in order to please his tormentors?
If only the probe had been conducted with the same enthusiasm with which false leaks were deliberately put out by the investigating agencies, in threatening witnesses or in finding loopholes in the legal system, it would have got over a long time ago. In fact the CBI would have earned a good name for itself. When those who are meant to protect the Constitution bend it to their will, they cannot guide others much less do any good. They destroy their own reputation forever.
What have Jagan’s detractors accomplished through this probe? They have managed to ensure the successful diversion of investments meant for AP to neighbouring states. They have managed to instill a sense of fear and insecurity in officials by passing the buck on to them. They have managed to intimidate industrialists in the name of investigation and have reversed the prosperous course on which the state was set. If Dr. YSR lent an impetus to the state’s development so that it would progress for two decades, political parties with their selfish interests alone in mind, have pushed the state back by ten years. This is evident to the masses. That is precisely why the common citizens find these inspired leaks, foisted cases and the prolonged probe a big sham.

Love, transparency, essential goodness, justice and humanity are attributes which help you earn love, respect and trust. This was a lesson we learnt from my father-in-law. We can see very clearly as to what happens to those worthies who harass others, try to threaten and intimidate them and plot against them with viciousness, injustice and malice.

While this slanderous campaign and probe is proceeding on the one hand, on the other, we find hurdles being placed in the path of Jagan’s bail petition constantly. The very nature of Jagan’s unlawful arrest through the misuse of power and authority torments us; one can imagine what his family is going through when he is being denied the constitutional right to get bail after 90 days. God will answer our prayers and render justice to us. I am also certain that our judicial system will give us justice.


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