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Top Merger Stocks Held By Fund Managers: Q3 2015 Edition

Top Merger Stocks Held By Fund Managers: Q3 2015 Edition

I have been following the top hedge funds that primarily invest in merger arbitrage stocks for several years. While no fund or manager is perfect, knowing the merger stocks that these funds hold and the ones they avoid can be valuable information. Continue reading at

Hedge Funds Like These Stocks A Lot More Than Sunoco LP (SUN)

How do you pick the next stock to invest in? One way would be to spend hours of research browsing through thousands of publicly traded companies. However, an easier way is to look at the stocks that smart money investors are collectively bullish on. Continue reading at

5 Assets That Can Poison Your 401k Fund

Vyge said company stock in your 401k plan should not exceed 5 to 10% of the plan’s overall balance. 3. Emerging market funds In my experience, emerging market stock funds are not generally a core asset class offered in 401k plans. Instead, plan sponsors … Continue reading at

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With emerging-market stock funds, check what's in the tin

NEW YORK -- When you're built different, in investing, you act different. That's why it's important to check what's in your emerging-market stock fund -- even if it's an index fund. Emerging-markets index funds track different indexes, which … Continue reading at

Ethical stocks deliver better returns by Asset Managers

According to information extracted from the data, average return by the common benchmark index of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) over a seven-year period stood at 3.71 per cent, while that of ethical funds during the same period was 19.27 per cent. Continue reading at

The 100 Best Exchange-Traded Funds You Can Buy 2012
Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are the most dynamic new investing opportunity around. ETFs offer you an efficient, cost-effective, a…

Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth: How You and Your Financial Advisor Can Grow Your Fortune in Stock Mutual Funds
Preface: Over the course of the last three decades, I’ve been an advisor to individual investors, and now – for want of a better d…

The Ultimate Guide to Trading ETFs: How To Profit from the Hottest Sectors in the Hottest Markets All the Time
An essential guide to trading trends with ETFs At any given time, a particular country’s market or a particular segment of the mar…

ETFs for the Long Run: What They Are, How They Work, and Simple Strategies for Successful Long-Term Investing
Praise for ETFs For The Long Run “As the title of the book suggests, ETFs are going to be an increasingly important reality for a …

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The 50 stocks that big hedge funds love most

It turns out that a lot of hedge funds are tracking the returns of the stock market. But within the market, hedge funds favor some securities over others. According to FactSet’s new hedge fund ownership report, the top-50 biggest funds increased their … Continue reading at

Financial Stocks the Funds Are Buying

Keefe, Bruyette & Woods has published a quarterly list of the financial stocks that saw the most buying by institutional investors in the third quarter. Some investors might dispute this, but consider it a proxy for what the smart money is doing -- and … Continue reading at

Mutual Funds: A Comparative Analysis Using the Sortino Ratio

The Sharpe ratio can sometimes be unfavorable for stocks that have high upside volatility … of portfolio returns Comparison of the consumer discretionary mutual funds The Fidelity Select Retailing Portfolio (FSRPX) has the highest Sortino ratio, 2.3x … Continue reading at

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