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Investing in Matchmaking: How Much Would You Pay for a Match?

Investing in Matchmaking: How Much Would You Pay for a Match?

What if we asked you to put your money where your heart is? Would you be ready to make a financial investment towards your love life? In Boca Raton, matchmaker Carol Morgan can confirm that many singles would, and in fact, do belong in her exclusive database. Continue reading at

Investing Opportunities As Central Banks Diverge

Stocks rallied last week as investors looked past the tragic attacks in Paris and once again focused on central bank policy. In particular, investors celebrated the potential for more central bank divergence: tightening by the Federal Reserve (Fed), while … Continue reading at

Investing in Matchmaking How Much Would You Pay for a Match

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Investing in women a worthy strategy

Gender equality has garnered significant attention in the investment community -- and our society as a whole -- in recent months. The #HeForShe campaign continues to gain steam, companies like Google and Intel are pledging significant capital to address … Continue reading at


The Impact of Climate Change on Investing

Why La Nina Is Better Than El Nino for Grain Markets 02:21 – Never mind El Nino. La Nina may be on the way next, bringing a chance for a rebound in U.S. grain prices that have been falling for three straight years. Bloomberg’s Alan Bjerga reports on … Continue reading at

Income Investing in Retirement -- The Pros and Cons

Income investing in retirement has a lot of initial appeal. Rather than selling shares of a mutual fund or stock, one can instead live off of dividends from stocks and interest from bonds. This approach feels much safer than actually selling part of your … Continue reading at

The Compound Effect
No gimmicks. No Hyperbole. No Magic Bullet. The Compound Effect is based on the principle that decisions shape your destiny. Littl…

Investing For Dummies
Invest in your financial future with this valuable, popular, and easy-to-use guide This latest edition of Investing For Dummies i…

The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing: Fifth Edition
The essential stock market guide, now updated with even more timely and necessary informationNow in its fifth edition, The Neatest…


The Disruption Of Millennial Investing

The media proliferates stories analyzing millennial work ethics, buying patterns and values. With millennials consuming more media than any other generation, it's always frustrating to see Twitter dominated with stereotypical headlines like "Are … Continue reading at

The key to good investing is picking the right index

A crucial factor in the effectiveness of active management has been the development of “smart beta”, McGraw Hill Financial’s Craig Lazzara says. Photo: Tamara Voninski “Smart” indexes that measure patterns and characteristics of the sharemarket are proving … Continue reading at

Investing in Matchmaking How Much Would You Pay for a Match

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Investors Misunderstand Investing, TIAA-CREF Says

More than half of investors think taking more risk in their investments guarantees a higher return, according to a TIAA-CREF survey released Monday. Investors show a lack of understanding of some basic investment concepts, which could have an impact on … Continue reading at

Union pension fund investing million in renovating Detroit homes

DETROIT, MI — The AFL-CIO and the mayor’s office on Monday announced a plan to invest $ 30 million in a home repair program. It’s a pension fund investment that officials hope will improve neighborhoods by renovating up to 300 blighted homes. The repair … Continue reading at

* Real Estate Matchmaker Review – Does Freedom Soft Really Work Work?

Real Estate Matchmaker is the most powerful real estate flipping software ever created. It automatically connects you to both sellers of distressed properties and buyers for those properties.

The software is named Freedom Soft and it has been on the cutting edge for real estate investors since 2010. The reliability and ease of use is totally remarkable considering the amount of information the software can generate for investors.

Freedom Soft can automate both finding buyers and sellers but more importantly than that it also automates all your communication between those buyers and sellers. You can virtually buy and sell property within the system without any money being spent on your part.

If wholesaling investment properties is something you are considering you need Real Estate Matchmaker to both accelerate and simplify your business. The results you get from the system will make you wonder how you ever existed without it.

The latest version is being deeply discounted at the present time. It remains to be seen how long this discount will be offered. If you are looking for a way to bring your real estate investing business to the next level you need to check out Real Estate Matchmaker right now.

To get more information on this software go to right now.

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Any income claims made are not typical. The majority of those that use this system make no money at all. We have not recorded
the actual results of users of this system and make no claims as to your ability to accomplish these income claims.

[FTC Disclaimer] The creator of this video may receive financial compensation for actions resulting from this video.

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