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Purpose Investments Inc. Announces 2015 Annual Capital Gains Estimates and Anticipates No Special Distributions on all ETFs and Mutual Funds

Purpose Investments Inc. Announces 2015 Annual Capital Gains Estimates and Anticipates No Special Distributions on all ETFs and Mutual Funds

TORONTO, ON, Nov 26, 2015 (Marketwired via COMTEX) — Purpose Investments Inc. announces today that the following funds are not expected to have annual capital gains distributions for the 2015 tax year: — Purpose Core Dividend Fund — Purpose Total Return … Continue reading at

Precious metals funds post biggest outflow in 17 weeks: Bank of America Merrill Lynch

The equity flows masked a marked divergence between mutual and exchange-traded funds. Investors pulled $ 6.8 billion out of mutual funds and poured $ 7.3 billion into ETFs, the report said. Emerging market funds were shunned again, with investors pulling $ … Continue reading at

12b-1 Fees Can Wreck Your Returns

You probably know that mutual funds charge fees and that, in general, you should pay as little as possible. But you may not fully realize what a difference a seemingly small fee can make in your investment returns. For a perfect example of not-so-harmless … Continue reading at

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Where Are Europe-Focused Mutual Fund Portfolios Headed to Now?

In this series, we reviewed ten Europe-focused mutual funds in terms of their sectoral changes over the past year and the possible reasons for their performance. However, how does the overall portfolio position of these funds look? We've used the latest … Continue reading at

Mutual funds start equity taper towards year-end

Mutual fund investments in stock markets have begun to cool in the past two months. After investing an average Rs 8,200 crore each in the first six months of the financial year, mutual fund managers invested just an average Rs 3,600 crore in October and … Continue reading at

Finance and Economics Discussion Series: The Economics of the Mutual Fund Trading Scandal
I examine the economic incentives behind the mutual fund trading scandal, which made headlines in late 2003 with news that several…

House Hearing, 109th Congress: Mutual Fund Trading Abuses
The United States Government Printing Office (GPO) was created in June 1860, and is an agency of the U.S. federal government base…

Stupid or Liar – The Truth about Sex, Bubbles, Investing and America
PRAISE FOR JOEL NELSON AND "STUPID OR LIAR"”Not for the ideologically or politically correct, nor for those who think they alr…

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Revealing the closet indexers among Canada’s mutual funds

It's time to shed a bright light on one of Bay Street's most annoying and well-hidden practices. It's known as "closet indexing" and occurs when a financial planner, bank or mutual fund company sells you a fund that is supposed to be actively … Continue reading at

4 Best-Rated Diversified Bond Mutual Funds To Invest In

Diversified bond funds provide investors with a convenient and affordable option to hold a portfolio of bonds from different economic sectors. Costs incurred to create a portfolio of individual bonds would be significantly higher than investing in this … Continue reading at

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