5 Dividend Stocks to Buy in December

5 Dividend Stocks to Buy in December

5 Dividend Stocks to Buy in December

Rockefeller knew a little something about business and dividends are indeed an excellent way for investors to generate quarterly income. Companies that pay out dividends over a long-period of time or, better yet, consistently raise their dividends over … Continue reading at fool.com

Retire Early Using Dividend Growth Stocks

Given that more and more people are delaying their retirements, some might be surprised to find out that the average retirement age in the U.S. is 62. But that has increased from 59 since 2002. The averaged expected retirement age is also increasing, as … Continue reading at seekingalpha.com

Yield of dreams: The 3 stocks that yield more than 8 percent

With 30-year Treasury bonds yielding just 3 percent despite widespread predictions of a Federal Reserve rate hike, high-dividend stocks continue to present an appetizing option for many investors. With dividend yields of more than 8 percent each … Continue reading at cnbc.com

Dividend Investing

Harry Domash, Online Investing: No debt, no problem

With bank savings and money market accounts still paying next to nothing in terms of interest, many investors are turning to dividend paying stocks for income. However that strategy could backfire if one of one of your stocks decides to cut its dividend. Continue reading at santacruzsentinel.com

Climb on Iron Mountain for Its Strong Dividend


At its current price its dividend yields in the neighborhood of 6.76% annually … Having transformed its business in 2014 into a real estate investment trust, Iron Mountain is looking to capitalize on a storage facilities business that offers high … Continue reading at thestreet.com

dividendDividend Investing: The Ultimate Guide to Building a Long-Term Dividend Portfolio (Financial Independence Books)
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Dividend Investing

Job Curtis: Gaxo may cut dividend, Shell should hold on

City of London (CTY ) is a ?1.2 billion UK equity income investment trust with a unique 49-year record in growing its dividends. That puts its manager, Job Curtis, in a good position to discuss the outlook for shareholder pay-outs in this country. Continue reading at citywire.co.uk

Trending This Week: "War Stocks" and an 83% Yielder!

Dividend.com analyzed traffic to all its ticker pages to identify investor behaviour and to find out a rationale as to why specific ticker pages trend post specific events. Dividend Search Trends is your look into the future based upon 100's of 1000's … Continue reading at dividend.com

Fidus Investment Corp To Go Ex-Dividend on December 2nd (FDUS)

Fidus Investment Corp (NASDAQ:FDUS) announced a quarterly dividend on Monday, November 9th, AnalystRatings.Net reports. Stockholders of record on Friday, December 4th will be paid a dividend of 0.39 per share on Friday, December 18th. This represents a $ 1 … Continue reading at watchlistnews.com

* Why stock markets went completely haywire after 1980 – can you guess what happened? Freedomain Radio – http://www.freedomainradio.com

high res: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OF87sMjYlws&fmt=18

Dividend Investing

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20 Responses to “5 Dividend Stocks to Buy in December”

  1. Every video I have seen from you has been a wonderful, illuminating and frankly a pure joy to watch and listen to. I'm 20 and my first words and thoughts on this earth questioned the state of our world. I am pursuing a Masters Degree in history and yearn to join you in the ranks of educated and enlightened indivuals who seek to rescue the abomination of a world the course of mankind has brought us too.PS. The importance of the messages in these videos is second only to food water and airnodoubt

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  2. Uruz2012

    USSA= United Socialist States of America… The stock market has been hugely pumped up by "tax-free" retirement plans and easy loans to banks which then invest that money. Those easy loans are made in an attempt to keep the economy growing faster than the inflation caused by yet more money creation through "defense" (read:offense) spending and social programs (read:welfare) spending. For the sake of clarity, when I say "social programs" I mean state medical, social security, food stamps, etc.

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  3. ItsAllAboutGuitar

    It's amazing to me that people "value" stocks at 80-90 times or even negative earnings.

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  4. abarford1

    @pipem4n I really dont completly understand what you're saying, there's been no "attack", yes money is printed but the majoirty (80-90%) of it is digital, increased forgien investment in the US and a demand for the US dollar will only strengthen the dollar. I'm not eluding that US banks were hugly under regulated but increased turnover in US stockmarkets isn't just from governement intervention, USSA ?

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  5. pipem4n

    Where do foreigners have dollars from? Ah, fed printed them into existance and bought lots of stuff from Chinese and others for the "money". You elude that this is an attack from abroad, right? No it wasn't – it's always self inflicted wound when it comes to USA, soon USSA.

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  6. QuatFax

    I'm really glad you pointed out that selective tax breaks are a form of government privilege. So many right-libertarians treat all tax breaks as smaller government, not realizing that the government can use tax breaks to give certain advantages to certain people.

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  7. abarford1


    Wouldn't the biggest factor in increased turnover in the US stock market be from foreign investement ??

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  8. Leo Podstanicky

    I like this very clear-cut analysis – problem is that US have thousands of economists who are used for to get us all in trouble – what can we do about it? Yes, nothing. But a very good vid indeed thx leo

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  9. The Ceej

    Maybe it's just my ignorance in the subject, but couldn't the problem with futures be solved tomorrow if you couldn't cash out your futures? If you could only trade the future value for what the future is for? For example, if you bought $500 in wheat futures, then it later became worth $750 and you wanted to cash out, you had to go home with $750 worth of wheat rather than cash?

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  10. Matthew Alistair

    i have a headache and i know the government planted it in my head

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  11. LordAgonis

    @BenettFreeman Madness is the lack of risk-adjusted values in the stock market under the clearinghouses.

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  12. bootayjam

    Great video Stefan, please keep up the good work. I'm doing my best to show these videos to my friends, but you know, most people are content being cows and want to keep chewing the cud.

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  13. Zen5012

    That's exactly what's always bothered me; I look at the 401(k) reports I get and it lists companies that I 1) Didn't even know they existed and 2) The names don't mean anything.

    I would love to take my extra money and give it to Matt's Rifle Shop to help Matt out and let him grow. "Black Hills Financial", "Westlake Finance", "Cypress Investments" – what are these people? Do I believe in their mission? Do I know, understand and care about what their employees do day to day?

    Hell no.

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  14. mikeybrumbrum

    The problem is, that the govt are claiming that since they can't in a 3 minute statement, explain whats happened, or even summarize it properly, then they cant explain it, at all. We dont need to knwo, cus we're too stupid to understand.
    However, we are not stupid, and can see their disshonesty, as the most probable "cloak", which covers the truth of our perils.
    Personally, I believe that the Mafia is th evatican, and the freemasons are the Royals, and they both feed off us, liek vampires.

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  15. mikeybrumbrum

    The only way the rich people (all of them, from police to Lords) can keep their power, is by TAKING all the money, from all the rest of us.
    They will subject us, to whatever form of govt, we will accept.
    Then they will continue to wrap themselves around us, and slowly pin us into our own homes, with no way of leaving.
    Then they will gas us, or something.
    This is th enatural progression, if htings carry on, as they are, as far as I can see.
    Close your eyes, and project the behaviour of cops.

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  16. whatrugonnadocrazy

    hey everyone, what does that metaphor mean in relation to the stock market?


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  17. Frettsy

    "If you force people to gamble, casinos would get huge and weird"

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  18. StandUp555

    Excellent work …. best explanation of what's going on that I've seen for years !
    Thankyou !

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  19. mikeybrumbrum

    And the choice of the middle classes will soon be:

    Do we side with the people, or the bankers. And if you side with the bankers, YOU will become the working class. We are coming ot the stage, where millions of us are looking for new ocuntries or ANYWHERE away from these viel cities, which treat us, and call us cattle,
    Men in black capes earn a year of my wages to persecute a child for pessession of a tiny amount of weed.
    20 people profit form his suffering, and we are getting angry.

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  20. mikeybrumbrum

    Whichever bullsht they gove us about rules, regulations, whatever, it is basically this:

    They Play, We Pay !

    And its a "fluid" system, so it changes to suit THEIR needs, at all times, regardless of th cost ot us.
    In serious fact, they ENJOY puttin gmore fictional "mental" debt on us, so that we constantly feel we "owe" them something (therefore we are more likely to pay them something).
    But it will NEVER work for the people.
    NO uncontrolable govt will EVER work for the people. EVER !

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