2 Big Cap 20 Names On The Verge Of Possible Breakouts

2 Big Cap 20 Names On The Verge Of Possible Breakouts

There’s a little bit of everything in this week’s Big Cap 20 screen of leading large-cap growth stocks … part of a base-on-base pattern. Defense stocks continue to be a good source of leadership in the market. Headed into Monday, IBD’s aerospace and … Continue reading at news.investors.com

Stocks: What to buy, sell and hold

Nomura has maintained Buy rating on Ambuja Cements with a target price of Rs 243 as against the current market price of Rs 195. Ambuja’s valuation on EV/tonne looks quite reasonable compared to other large-cap and even … The stock closed at Rs 646 … Continue reading at economictimes.indiatimes.com

Stock market and SEC listing

Now the whole market is about 18 percent down and that is because of the weight of large cap securities". On its part, SEC is seeking ways to encourage new listings on the stock exchange, particularly the small and medium enterprises which the NSE chief … Continue reading at thenationonlineng.net

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USA Today’s 2016 Outlook: Another 10 Percent Stock Correction

Jeff Moser, manager of the Wells Fargo Large Cap Core Fund, said stocks could climb as much as 10% next year. “Something above the long-term average, so we may get to double-digit returns,” he says. “We think the bull market will continue,” said Kate Warne … Continue reading at newsmax.com

When to buy small-cap stocks for the biggest bounce

Nevertheless, you shouldn't expect every small-cap stock to participate in year-end strength, or all large-caps to lag … in the Wilshire 5000 index that are ranked below 2,500 in a market-cap ranking. Since the low point for small-cap relative strength … Continue reading at msn.com

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