Deutsche Bank’s 31 Large-Cap Stocks to Buy for 2016

Deutsche Bank’s 31 Large-Cap Stocks to Buy for 2016

Which large-cap stocks are the best bang for your buck in 2016 … Airlines, and some of our specific stock picks.” Further, “companies that can reliably generate (EPS growth + dividend yields) that equal or exceed their cost of equity deserve a high … Continue reading at

iShares China Large-Cap (FXI) Enters Oversold Territory

A stock is considered to be oversold if the RSI reading falls below 30. In the case of iShares China Large-Cap, the RSI reading has hit 28.7 – by comparison, the RSI reading for the S&P 500 is currently 43.8. A bullish investor could look at FXI’s 28.7 … Continue reading at

Deutsche Banks 31 LargeCap Stocks to Buy for 2016

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IHF's Large-Cap Stocks Gave Positive Returns

The large-cap stocks of the iShares US Healthcare Providers ETF (IHF … It was trading 1% lower than the 20-day moving average price of $ 121.65. The stock gave a return of 12.1% YTD (year-to-date) compared to SPY's YTD return of 0.7%. Continue reading at

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PSEi firms up

THE LOCAL stock barometer firmed up on Wednesday as investors selectively picked up large-cap stocks after a five-day downturn. The Philippine Stock Exchange index added 9.83 points or 0.14 percent to close at 6,848.25. Despite the PSEi's modest rise … Continue reading at

Buy ONGC, Coal India, Avoid Commodity Stocks: Daljeet Kohli

Some of the mid and small cap stocks were overbought in last few months, due to which they have become highly overvalued as compared to their large cap counterparts … Buy ONGC: The stock is trading near its 2009 prices and is an attractive buy. Continue reading at

Large Cap Investing

44 Large-Cap Trades for This Week

To stay on top of my latest stock ratings, plug your holdings into Portfolio Grader, my proprietary stock screening tool. You may get started here. Continue reading at

Large-cap shares continue to pull down market

… shares were pulled down slightly on both local exchanges by large-cap stocks this morning, after making large gains yesterday. The benchmark VN Index on the HCM Stock Exchange inched down 0.4 per cent to close at 571.81 points.-VNS Photo Gia Vi The … Continue reading at

Deutsche Banks 31 LargeCap Stocks to Buy for 2016

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Retirement Investing: Top 5 Dividend Stocks For 2016 Small-Cap Edition

These high-quality, large cap stocks are likely to be essential holdings in a well … currently yields 3.45% and has increased its dividend each year since 2011. The stock has fallen significantly since the beginning of the year in part due to a share … Continue reading at

Vanguard rolls out all-cap developed market ex North America ETFs on Toronto Stock Exchange

has launched two new ETFs on the Toronto Stock Exchange: the Vanguard FTSE Developed All Cap ex North America Index ETF (VIU), which targets small-, mid-, and large-cap equities listed on exchanges within developed markets excluding the US and Canada … Continue reading at


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  1. lucifer lambew

    This guy is a Con man, still, Yah is coming… Shalom!

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  2. SuperKnowledgeSponge

    Bring on the Judgement to a wicked world.

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  3. Brett Jacobs

    The Globalists will inform us mid-Sept. 2015 that there is a meteor/asteroid approaching USA & they must use Nuclear Weapons to minimize damage. Yet the asteroid/meteor story is a complete lie! Nuclear weapons will trigger a massive tsunami on the East and West Coast, which will be 100% man made. The event is a False Flag to cover-up the corruption of the financial collapse and to usher in Martial Law. Once everyone's homes are destroyed they will push the population into FEMA Camps. Like Hotel California: you can never leave and the food is poisoned.

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  4. angela prestwood

    judgement has come to America and its just getting started yet still the people have their eyes closed

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  5. Dayamí

    PLEASE READ! People PLEASE! Stock up! buy cheap can food and water (especially if you have children), you can buy cheap stuff that last a long time and would get you by in case something happens such as riots, etc…or worse, you don't want to be out in the street trying to buy something to eat if things get out of control. If nothing happens it doesn't matter, you can still eat all of it. MOST IMPORTANT: We are never to put our faith in the stuff we have stocked up, we put our faith in JESUS and JESUS alone. I completely believe that if the righteous don't have anything at all to eat HE will fill their stomach. His Word says that man does not live on bread alone but by every Word that proceeds from the Mouth of GOD. We are to stay in the Word and believe and trust in HIM now more than ever, doesn't matter what we see, we must press on and stay faithful in Him and His Word. Having said that, in Proverbs it tells us that the wise sees trouble coming and they prepare. So are faith is not in the food we stock up but we are to prepare the best we can with what we have. Jesus will multiply our food and water if He wills but please prepare. Thank you. Our LORD Jesus is coming very soon. Praise the LORD Jesus!

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  6. Candice Moses

    All the vids on Jonathan Cahn's page is gone!!!

    :/ weird.

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  7. Faith Delina

    A month before the complete 4 blood moons

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  8. roylikesitlikethat

    It's more than a double whammy. Its a combination of sorts, 97 Asian crisis, Asia will still resort to exchange their currencies to the stable US dollar- at least thats how they perceive it versus tgeir currency. Trouble is, there is too much money, thanks to QE. Oversupply of money equals inflation down the line, or maybe hyperinflation. Maybe this time we all go down. This closely ties to that shemitah thing, wipeout! The blackhorse is here, you wake up and you cant afford the normal basket of goods. Its gojng to be a bloodbath again in China, if the Peoples bank of china intervenes or not. Damn if they do, damn if they dont.

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  9. NewJerusalem

    -1901-1902 Shemitah Year – 46% U.S. Stock market value wiped out.

    -1916-1917 Shemitah Year – 40% U.S. Stock market value wiped out.

    -1930-1931 Shemitah Year – 86% U.S stock market value wiped out.

    -1937-1938 Shemitah Year – 50% U.S. Stock market value wiped out. Global recession.

    -1944-1945 Shemitah Year – End of German Reich and Britain's hold on territories. Establishment of America as the world's super power.

    -1965-1966 Shemitah Year – 23% stock market value wiped out.

    -1972-1973 Shemitah Year – 48% U.S. Stock market value wiped out.

    -1979-1980 Shemitah Year – U.S. and global recession.

    -1986-1987 Shemitah Year – 33% U.S. Stock market value wiped out.

    -1993-1994 Shemitah Year – Bond market crash.

    -2000-2001 Shemitah Year – 37% U.S. stock market value wiped out. 9/11 and Global recession.

    -2007-2008 Shemitah Year – 50% U.S. Stock market value wiped out. Global recession.

    2014-2015 Shemitah Year. I truly expect around 70%+ of the Stock Market wiped out.

    A Nation can't legalize gay marriage, completely abandon Israel and side with it's enemies, murder over 56 million Babies throughout the years and be absolutely Idolatrous …and God won't take notice??!

    His righteous judgment is coming and it's well deserved on this Nation, that's generally turned it's back on him.

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  10. Israel Jaimes

    In the news they said that the economists already knew it and they saw it coming long before.

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  11. Anthony sanders

    What must I do to be save during the Church dispensation?
    Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost Acts 2:38-41; 4:10-12; Galatians 1:8-9 KJV.

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  12. Alex Pana

    it won't and it can't relax

    we are still way up on 5 year average anyway.

    gas is $2 life is great

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  13. angla peaca

    Please do not fear, Please trust GOD ALMIGHTY.

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  14. nixymagoo

    Gold and silver

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  15. Sebastian Keith

    Here we go…Hold on to the one and only true God…Jesus Christ may you kee us and protect us from these things to come.

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  16. Wisconsin Kansas

    I am going to buy a case of champagne to celebrate the crash. I am going around town telling the sheeple I TOLD YOU SO, I TOLD YOU SO.

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  17. Keith Munro

    At last things are cranking up toward the end

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  18. newmanhyde

    those who follow the market will know its time for profit taking, its a 6 year cycle

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  19. Debbie Jackson

    Jesus is coming soon!

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  20. Adrian Reyes

    shemitah either means blessing or a great falling from God. I'm a believer of God I like to study prophecy I know this is God showing his wrath. as Christians we not gonna panic like the unbeliever bcuz Jesus Christ is going to take care of us as Christians. we may see a revival by God on September 23 of 2015 bcuz in the bible is what is a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul

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