10 Undervalued Companies for the Defensive Dividend Stock Investor – December

10 Undervalued Companies for the Defensive Dividend Stock Investor - December

10 Undervalued Companies for the Defensive Dividend Stock Investor – December

There are a number of great companies in the market today. I’ve selected the highest dividend yields among the undervalued companies for defensive dividend stock investors reviewed by ModernGraham. Each company has been determined to be suitable for the … Continue reading at gurufocus.com

Re-investing bank dividends avoids an agonising choice

Rusted-on disciples of the dividend reinvestment plan (DRP) won’t have to make any stock-picking decisions in the next few days, as three of the big four banks plus Macquarie Group pay out their dividends. Former star fund manager for Perpetual, Peter … Continue reading at smh.com.au

High-Dividend Stock Yields Over 10%, Has 5 Straight Dividend Hikes And 21% EPS Growth

You can track CINR’s current price and dividend yield in our High Dividend Stocks By Sectors Tables, in the basic materials section. CINR has raised its quarterly distribution in all of the five most recent quarters, hiking it from $ .50 in July 2014 to the … Continue reading at seekingalpha.com

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3 Double-Digit Dividend Stocks With Staying Power


Image source: Aaron Patterson via Flickr. A stock that has a dividend yield in the double digits can be incredibly tempting to an investor. The problem with dividend stocks is that so many of those high yields are eventually cut because the businesses can … Continue reading at nasdaq.com

2016 Forecast for Stocks: More Gloom, More Volatility and Few Gains

That includes 2% dividends, meaning the S&P 500 would rise 4% to 5% a year. Below-average returns are to be expected after the period from 2010 through 2014 when U.S. stocks averaged double-digit annual gains, an above-average performance, he said. Continue reading at blogs.wsj.com

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* Duncan Hughes, Head of Research at RFC Ambrian, talks to Proactive about the trends we can expect in the mining sector for 2013. Risk aversion, dividends, indiginisation and other pressures that investors will be considering Duncan mentions the following stocks: Avocet (LON:AVM),Vatukoula Gold Mines (LON:VGM),Centamin (LON:CEY),Endeavour Mining (TSX:ENDV),Mandalay Resources (TSX:MND),Base Resources (ASX:BSE),Edgewater Exploration (TSX-V:EDW), EMED Mining (LON:EMED),Ortac Resources (LON:OTC),Papillon Resources (ASX:PIR),Sirius Resources (ASX:SIR)

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