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Do These 8 Things to Profit From the Improving Economy

Do These 8 Things to Profit From the Improving Economy

Wise Bread's best articles are syndicated worldwide via premium partners like AOL's Daily Finance, Time Magazine, PBS, US News & World Report, and Reader’s Digest. If the economy is getting better and you find yourself earning more, getting rid of debt … Continue reading at

China’s Economic Growth Rate Is Seen Falling Until at Least 2018

Several local governments in the northeastern provinces of Heilongjiang and Liaoning faked economic data such as revenue and investment figures, the official Xinhua News Agency reported last week, citing unidentified local government officials. Heihe city … Continue reading at

My view: Strong economy means diversity

Our public lands in Utah generate lots of economic activity. They provide large areas of land in its natural state. They provide minerals and resources we all use, and they bring visitors from around the world. The footloose nature of the 21st century … Continue reading at

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Greek Lawmakers Approve New Economic Overhauls

ATHENS--Greek lawmakers approved Tuesday a new set of economic overhauls the government must implement to receive a EUR1 billion ($ 1.1 billion) slice of its bailout financing. In the country's 300-seat legislature, 153 lawmakers backed the reforms … Continue reading at

Siemens aims to boost economy through power plants

Russwurm spoke with Daily News Egypt about the Munich-based company's plans for … supporting the country's rapid economic development and meeting the power needs of its growing population. On top of that, we have agreed to add an additional 2 GW … Continue reading at

The Only Budgeting Book You’ll Ever Need: How to Save Money and Manage Your Finances with a Personal Budget Plan That Works for You (The Only Book You’ll Ever Need)
Create a foolproof budget that’s right for you!Everyone wants a simple and practical way to manage their money, but with countless…

The Ideal System – Household Budget Record
This Budget Record can be started at any time of the year. Requires no bookkeeping experience – simple – self explanatory – easey …

Boost Your Financial Fitness: How to increase Your Financial Intelligence and Achieve Your Goals
Do you want to Increase Your Financial Intelligence?

The higher your level of financial intelligence is, the better you are whe…

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Nurture the good news: The economy looks up at long last, don't let politics become the spoiler

There has been some exceptionally good economic news in the past few days. The awfully delayed $ 7.6 billion TAPI gas pipeline agreement was signed at last in the ancient town of Mari, Turkmenistan last Saturday. A day earlier, visiting Japanese Prime … Continue reading at

EUR/USD – Euro Steady, German Economic Sentiment Surges

EUR/USD is trading quietly on Tuesday, as the pair just at the 1.10 line in the European session. In economic news, German and eurozone ZEW Economic Sentiment reports jumped in December. In the US, we'll get a look at consumer inflation numbers. Continue reading at

South America is staring down an economic abyss

You'll receive free e-mail news updates each time a new story is published … printing money or running big deficits. So when its economy did get hit by a big shock in 1998, there was nothing its government could do about it. Things got bad enough … Continue reading at

Qatar- National Day/ Ministry of Economy and Trade .. Leading Projects and Initiatives

(MENAFN – Qatar News Agency) The economy of the State of Qatar succeed in 2015 in achieving good growth rates thanks to its reliance on policies, plans and legislation that translate the keenness of the country’s leadership to raise the status of Qatar to … Continue reading at


TIP NUMBER 1: Do not exceed the indicated speed limit.

TIP NUMBER 2: Do not open your window when travelling especially at high speeds.

TIP NUMBER 3: Avoid packing items on top of your car.

TIP NUMBER 4: Take the aerodynamic shape of your vehicle into account when buying your vehicle.

TIP NUMBER 5: Inflate your tyres properly.

TIP NUMBER 6: Prefer rib type tyres which are better with regard to rolling resistance than block type tyres. Choose low aspect ratio tyres which are stiffer, allowing for less flexing under load, thus they typically have lower rolling resistance compared to high aspect ratio tyres.

TIP NUMBER 7: Buy second hand, good condition tires.

TIP NUMBER 8: Choose a vehicle suitable for your needs. Do you really need a power-hungry car?

TIP NUMBER 9: Using 4-wheel drive reduces fuel economy. Prefer to use 2-wheel drive cars.

TIP NUMBER 10: Remove the excessive weight from your vehicle.

TIP NUMBER 11: Fuel also contributes to weight.

TIP NUMBER 12: Plan your journey more wisely. Take the amount of traffic, possibly congested routes and the time of the day into account.

TIP NUMBER 13: In cold weather, wait for the engine to warm up a bit.

TIP NUMBER 14: Incorrect axle alignment influences rolling resistance and increases fuel consumption.

TIP NUMBER 15: Prefer not to drive when raining due to water drag effect as you drive on the road.

TIP NUMBER 16: Stop aggressive driving.

TIP NUMBER 17: Do not over-rev.

TIP NUMBER 18: Gear fast, run slow and accelerate slowly.

TIP NUMBER 19: Avoid unnecessary idling. Turn off the engine if you anticipate a wait.

TIP NUMBER 20: Use overdrive gears and cruise control when appropriate.

TIP NUMBER 21: Any electrical equipment in use worsens the fuel economy of the vehicle with air conditioning being the biggest culprit.

TIP NUMBER 22: Exploit the force of gravity when going down the hills.

TIP NUMBER 23: Avoid coming to a complete stop whenever possible.

TIP NUMBER 24: When approaching red traffic lights, either let the car roll itself on gear or select the neutral gear to roll it.

TIP NUMBER 25: Keep your engine tuned. Tuning your engine according to your owner’s manual can increase gas mileage by an average of 4%.

TIP NUMBER 26: Change your oil regularly.

TIP NUMBER 27: Check and replace air filters regularly.

TIP NUMBER 28: Consider the alternative vehicles.

TIP NUMBER 29: Hybrid Electric Vehicles offer another option for car buyers. These vehicles combine the benefits of gasoline engines and electric motors and can be configured to achieve different objectives, such as improved fuel economy and increased power.

TIP NUMBER 30: Consider using the public transport such as underground, overground or bus.

TIP NUMBER 31: Use a bicycle or just walk if your destination is near.

TIP NUMBER 32: Get in the habit of saving all your fuel receipts, recording distance travelled and fuel economy (MPG).

TIP NUMBER 33: Leave for your destination a little early so you don’t feel pressure to drive faster, brake later and otherwise fall back into bad habits.

TIP NUMBER 34: Travelling at a constant speed on a freeway within a flow of traffic (in the same direction) is more efficient than going the same speed in isolation.

TIP NUMBER 35: If you regularly travel the same roads, make an effort to memorize.

TIP NUMBER 36: In multi-lane traffic, choose the “lane of least resistance” to avoid unnecessary and unpredictable braking/changes in speed.

TIP NUMBER 37: Parking in the shade will keep the inside of your vehicle cooler, which can help you minimize use of air conditioning.

TIP NUMBER 38: Maintain appropriate following distance to prevent constant brakes which will reduce your speed.

TIP NUMBER 39: New forced induction engines tend to use less fuel than their naturally aspirated cousins. Forced induction includes any type of turbocharger or supercharger that forces air into the combustion chamber.

TIP NUMBER 40: Constantly investigate to find out new ways to improve fuel economy.



TIP NUMBER 41: Rough asphalt increases tyre losses by ~ 7% compared to smooth asphalt.

TIP NUMBER 42: Do not change gears excessively. Use brakes to slow down.

TIP NUMBER 43: Low gears shifted at low revs give max torque. Higher gears at higher revs give max power. So use torque or power depending on the need.

TIP NUMBER 44: Changing to small diameter drive tyres increases engine RPM but may disturb fuel economy.

TIP NUMBER 45: Share your car with family members or friends. If 5 people are going to the same destination, it is sensible to use just one car rather than more.

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