Men still worse at investing than women

Men still worse at investing than women

Men didn’t get any better at investing in 2015, at least compared to their female counterparts. The median male investor lost 1.8 percent over the last 12 months, including fees and dividends, while women squandered only 1.4 percent, according to a review … Continue reading at

Library can offer some help with investing through Value Line

Library can offer some help with investing through Value Line Submitted by the Omaha Public Library The Omaha World-Herald The end of the year is a time when many people look at their finances and thinking ahead about how they will manage their money or … Continue reading at

Men still worse at investing than women

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Investing Review And Outlook: The Year Of The Dollar

Investing can be different from one year to the next. Asset classes and stock sectors that were market leaders can turn out to be the biggest losers the following year, and vice versa. As you read into the fundamental factors that drove prices in 2015, you … Continue reading at


Investing In A Slowly Rising Interest Rate Environment

The Fed’s announcement this week to institute a quarter point hike in the Fed funds rate has arguably been one of the most widely anticipated decisions in the past year. While the strong jobs reports of late and ample Fed communications on the subject left … Continue reading at

Andy Singer: 3 Tips for Better Stock Investing

While all investing does carry risk, you can minimize any possible damage by embracing some basic truths before gambling your hard-earned money. “The challenge is that most investors have investment habits that result in poor performance compared to the … Continue reading at

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Investing means different things to different people? and there is a huge difference between passive investing and becoming an ac…
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A Rookie's Guide to Investing in the Brands You Love on the Stock Market

Earlier this year a friend of mine casually told me that she's interested in buying shares in Neiman Marcus. "Shares?" I asked, assuming she meant shoes. "Yeah," she responded with a raised eyebrow, "shares." She went on to explain that … Continue reading at

Kick These 5 Investing Bad Habits in 2016

Whether you've come out ahead for the year or find yourself a little behind the markets, take heed of these major investing fails... If you're engaging in any of these bad habits, it's time to go cold turkey. Otherwise, you'll only hold your … Continue reading at

Men still worse at investing than women

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* ?Marriage Sermons from Bishop T.D Jakes?


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19 Responses to “Men still worse at investing than women”

  1. Keairra Raglin

    I'm 25 years old and needed this thank you

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  2. Elizabeth Christmas

    Wow, God is on time God, this was a great sermon. Great message of Praise and letting go of what we have no control over. Amen

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  3. Witnicia Mira

    Praise the Lord!!!!!

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  4. Maryline Doe

    I thank you lord for your strength in my life…and I thank you for helping me to let go of the pains in my heart.

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  5. Bishop Marcus McDjan-Asante

    Wonderful and inspiring me message. This is mature message for mature believers

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  6. Angie B (The Angie Brown Network)

    I truly needed to hear this powerful message…….. Thank God for jesus and this powerful man of God!!!

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  7. Mig Perez

    Oh my God, thank you for your servant Pastor T.D. Jakes for this Wounderful message! I was so blessed to have been healed… There is a KING inside of me! "Thank you Lord"

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  8. Cameron Medley

    Amen! I am about to birth something great in the supernatural!!! Glory to God

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  9. Ntombifuthi Mnyandu

    Powerfullll words knowing that I have to reposition myself

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  10. shakera salmon

    Lord I know this year is almost over but I'm asking you to let this year be my year for a new normal leave lead into my destiny send the right people in my life please honor my prayers lord

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  11. Wanda Pinatik


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  12. Bermesola Dyer

    Powerful message!

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  13. Latesha Shampree


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  14. Myketa Mitchell

    Amen…He was speaking to me

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  15. BagOfSheaButter

    My favorite sermon hands down…

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  16. Sonia “ANGELINA” Taylor


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  17. Nicole Hoagland


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  18. CIN CITY

    Thank you Lord, for giving him the message to let us women receive it. I know that I am going through somethings and I want to be delivered it.

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  19. Tamira Johnelle

    Lol "Married in the Spirit"

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