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Hedge Funds Love These Biotech Stocks

Hedge Funds Love These Biotech Stocks

Biotech has undoubtedly been one of the most cherished industries, among hedge funds over the last few years and it's not hard to understand why. The rapid pace of M&A in the sector along with the several blockbuster drug approvals and launches has … Continue reading at

Textile firms flee costly bank loans to stock market funds

The year 2015 saw a rush of textile companies to the country's stock market as they opted for raising fund at lower cost than that of bank loans. A total of 12 companies and mutual funds raised Tk830 crore from stock market in the year, of which, textile … Continue reading at

Hedge Funds Love These Biotech Stocks


Asian Stocks Set to Follow U.S. Rout as Haven Yen Holds Advance

Asian stocks looked set to track Friday's retreat in U.S. equities … of government bonds it buys and unveiled new measures to purchase exchange-traded funds. Governor Haruhiko Kuroda said the changes were designed to make it easier for the BOJ to … Continue reading at

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Mid-cap stocks would be the outperformers despite steep valuations: Analysts

Equity mutual funds are witnessing an unprecedented bout of inflows, helping them raise their holdings in mid- and small-cap stocks. For instance, as on December 2013, domestic institutional investors (DIIs) held about 7.66% of the mid & smallcaps in BSE-500. Continue reading at

Executive regulations grant charitable funds freedom to invest in different schemes: EFSA Chairman

which are expected to be approved by the parliament, will enable charitable funds to invest freely without adhering to specific investment schemes. The cash funds will have the right to invest in stocks, deposits, Continue reading at

The Ultimate Guide to Trading ETFs: How To Profit from the Hottest Sectors in the Hottest Markets All the Time
An essential guide to trading trends with ETFs At any given time, a particular country’s market or a particular segment of the mar…

Mutual Funds Understanding the Basics
What’s the difference between a Growth Stock Fund and a Value Stock Fund?
Does a Bigger Load Guarantee me better performance? Man…

Quicken Personal Finances 2007 for Mac [OLD VERSION]
Quicken 2007 lets you track all your personal financial information and make the right spending decisions. You’ll have all you nee…

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Pinery funds ready to go

LOWER North residents affected by the Pinery fire are urged to apply for funds donated to the SA Pinery Fire Appeal to support their recovery. The appeal funds – managed and distributed by the independent State Emergency Relief Fund board - will be … Continue reading at

How to Avoid Funds That Might Freeze Your Assets

It's fair to say that the vast majority of mutual fund investors view that redemption process as a sacrosanct right. And under normal circumstances, the process works quite well for stock and bond funds. But in extreme cases, funds can ask the Securities … Continue reading at

Hedge Funds Love These Biotech Stocks


Personal finance: If you are worried about junk bonds, you should check your fund ratings

Morningstar analyst Christine Benz notes that some institutions, like pension funds, don't hold any high-yield bonds. They argue that high-yield bonds -- which act more like stocks than bonds -- don't add anything to portfolios. 1. Pedestrian struck … Continue reading at

Provida Pension Fund Administrator Sells Position in Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index Fd (VWO)

Provida Pension Fund Administrator eliminated its position in Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index Fd (NYSEARCA:VWO) during the third quarter, according to its most recent filing with the SEC. The hedge fund previously had a 311,727 share position in the … Continue reading at

* Startup technology companies blessed with billion dollar valuations better buckle up. It's going to be a bumpy ride in the coming months for the so-called ‘unicorn’ set, said Kevin Kinsella, founder of Avalon Ventures. ‘I think the valuations of those companies have become so outlandish given the businesses that they have that I don't think it's sustainable,’ said Kinsella. Avalon specializes in the formation, financing and development of early-stage companies. Some of the companies Kinsella has backed include Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Synaptics, and Vocera Communications. Kinsella was also the founding chairman of Athena Neurosciences, Aurora Biosciences, Landmark Graphics, NeoRx, X-Ceptor and Sequana Therapeutics. Kinsella said hedge funds and private equity shops are stuffing capital into private companies like Uber and Airbnb because they ‘don't have interesting alternative investments to make.’ Furthermore, many of the fund managers investing in these overvalued non-public companies are doing it despite being fully aware of the collapse of the Internet bubble over a decade ago. ‘If you can time momentum and get in and get out at the right time then God bless. But if you can't do it, you may wind up in the bottom of a pit,’ said Kinsella. ‘I think it's highly speculative.’ As to what pops this particular bubble, Kinsella said it will likely be a number of factors including the recent Chinese devaluation of its currency and higher interest rates in the United States.

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