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7 ways mutual funds and ETFs will challenge investors in 2016

7 ways mutual funds and ETFs will challenge investors in 2016

You don't need tarot cards, a crystal ball, the entrails of animals, a rooster pecking at grains, tea leaves, or coffee grounds to tell the future of the mutual fund business. You just need to look at trends underlying the industry. So while I honestly … Continue reading at

Funds That Sought to Cut Risk With Bonds Are Having to Think Again

All-in-one mutual funds for people nearing retirement face tough decisions on how much risk--and which risks--to take in search of decent returns. When the stock market tumbled in 2008, "target date" funds for people planning to retire in 2010 … Continue reading at

Equity mutual funds bulk up 75% as households rush in

The year 2015 has been a historical one for India's mutual fund sector -- a year of new records. Whether it was retail investors’ unexpectedly higher participation or fund managers’ relatively stronger and more consistent 'buy' calls for equities or … Continue reading at

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Barclays to pay .75m to settle US mutual funds case

Barclays’s inadequate supervisory systems cost US customers $ 8.6m (?5.8m, EUR7.9m) over a five-year periodReuters Barclays has been told to pay $ 13.75m (?9.3m; EUR12.6m) by US regulators for failing to prevent customers from making unsuitable switches … Continue reading at

3 Best-Ranked Financial Mutual Funds to Buy Now

Investors looking to gain from a rising rate scenario may consider financial mutual funds for profitable investment. After a long wait, the Fed opted for the first lift-off in nearly a decade at the December meeting. The central bank further hinted at a … Continue reading at

Fundamentals of the Bond Market
Understand the ins and outs of today’s surprisingly versatile bond marketplace. . As stocks continue their roller-coaster ride, ne…

The Secrets of Wealth
What do rich people know that you don’t? The truth is that in all methods of wealth creation there are common ingredients. These…

Mutual Fund Trading Abuses: SEC Consistently Applied Procedures in Setting Penalties, but Could Strengthen Certain Internal Controls – Scholar’s Choice Edition
This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we kn…

Mutual Funds Trading

Foreign-focused stock funds post second week of big outflows – ICI

The outflows marked the sixth straight week of investor withdrawals from foreign-focused equity funds, or the longest outflow streak since one that began in Nov. 2012, according to the data from ICI, a U.S. mutual fund trade organization. Funds that … Continue reading at

2016 will be about stocks and not sectors: Kotak AMC

He hopes this will continue in 2016 as well. Indian investors invested more than Rs 65000 crore in equity mutual funds this year. He believes 2016 will be a more stock-specific year rather than a sector-specific one. He is bullish on urban consumption on … Continue reading at

Heads up, Green Investors: Climate-Focused Mutual Funds Have Stakes in Oil

With all eyes on the COP21 World Climate Summit in Paris this month, the world watched as global leaders met to try to effect lasting change and create a binding agreement for reducing carbon emissions. French President Francois Hollande called the event … Continue reading at

Why your mutual fund is probably a loser

Such was the fate of mutual fund managers, who again fell short of their benchmarks over the past 12 months. In a year that many had touted as ripe for the return of stock pickers, just 27 percent of large-cap core funds topped the S&P 500, according to a … Continue reading at

Cramer: Why I’m railing against most mutual funds

Mad Money host Jim Cramer explains his main beef with actively managed mutual funds-mutual funds and says a cheap S&P 500 index fund is the least bad way to passively manage your money-better than the vast bulk of actively managed funds. Continue reading at

* Thrift Savings Plan Retirement - How to use your TSP retirement plan? 1-800-566-1002 . Understand the most efficient ways to leverage your thrift savings plans for a comfortable retirement income plan through tsp retirement rollovers. Avoid the most common mistakes that individuals make when using thrift savings retirement plans costing them thousands of dollars in retirement.

Managing Your TSP Retirement

Managing a retirement account is often the last thing anyone thinks of doing. And for those with a government TSP (Thrift Savings Plan) it is probably even further down the list.

Although a TSP only contains five funds from which to choose, this very factor makes managing the account even more important.

WHY, because there is less wiggle room. The opportunity for success is equally as dramatic as that of losing it all.

A middle ground would be to divide your retirement money into each of the TSP funds equally. You won’t seem dramatic growth, but you could end up with steady upward steps that should at least beat inflation. The challenge with such a basic diversified plan is that you may not generate enough money to live upon when you reach retirement.

Since you are limited to no more than two trades per month in your TSP account, managing your retirement means:

TSP funds are private and not traded on the regular stock market exchanges. This means you need to watch funds or ETFs that closely resemble your TSP funds.

Once you know which symbols to watch, or you look at the performance via your TSP login, you can adjust your holdings to meet your objectives. You can focus on growth or safety or by diversifying amongst the funds you can weight your holdings towards your preference of growth or security.

Various charting software, even free online software, can give you an indication of what is happening with each of your funds.

Investment software based on technical analysis can take the basic information a step or two further and in seconds provide recommendations based not just on the movement of your funds but how they compare to each other and even to the stock market as a whole. This type analysis, dubbed relative strength, can lead you to the best performers at the current time and also tell you when to sell or switch funds.

Selling, many investors forget, is the only way you actually make money. You have no gain, no profit, except on paper until you sell a fund. Switching from one fund into another locks in the profit gained from the first fund while giving you the opportunity to grow your money further with the fund that is now moving ahead with greater relative strength.

Or, you may simply want to sell from the more ‘growth’ fund and transfer part or all of the money into a more stable but inflation beating fund to secure that money for the future.

Regardless of how you go about handling your TSP retirement account, simply doing nothing and let it rest in the default fund will barely keep your money even with inflation (kind of like stuffing it in a coffee can for a future date) when prices for everything, yes everything will be higher. Taking a few minutes a week or a month can mean the difference between enjoying retirement or being stressed out with every bill that comes in the mail.

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