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Emerging Markets ETFs Revisit Some Dark History

Emerging Markets ETFs Revisit Some Dark History

EEM), the two largest emerging markets exchange traded funds by assets, are doing little to make investors believe this will be the year ETFs tracking developing economies will awaken from their long slumbers. After years of weakness, the MSCI Emerging … Continue reading at

Mixed Q1 for Monsanto: ETFs in Focus

The ETF charges about 39 bps in fees a year and has a dividend yield of 2.49%. The fund lost 2.5% in the key trading session and 18.7% in the last one year (as of January 6, 2015). Investors looking to tap the rise in Monsanto in ETF form can also invest … Continue reading at

Emerging Markets ETFs Revisit Some Dark History

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Do ETFs Cause Market Volatility?

My colleague Russ Koesterich has said it before: Market volatility is the new normal. And when markets are volatile, we see volatility in the prices of exchange traded funds (ETFs). Some investors may wonder if the ETF is simply showing us the market … Continue reading at

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5 Key Takeaways From 2015 ETF Flows

It’s time for the annual reading of the exchange-traded fund flow tea leaves. ETFs took in a grand total of about $ 238 billion in 2015--just shy of their annual record of $ 243 billion set last year. No other investment vehicle came even close to this number. Continue reading at

China Rout Accelerates in U.S. as ETFs Plunge Amid Growth Woes

The largest exchange-traded funds tracking yuan-denominated equities fell the most in four months as the rout in Chinese equities sparked by a bigger-than-forecast manufacturing slowdown accelerated in New York trading. The Deutsche X-trackers Harvest CSI … Continue reading at

The Complete Guide to Personal Finance: For Teenagers
Personal financial planning is the process of establishing your own financial goals and finding a way to reach them. It is an ongo…

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Clean Cover ReolEstafeInvestimg Finding Success With Real Estate Investments Tips And Tricks Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 2…

Beating the Street
Legendary money manager Peter Lynch explains his own strategies for investing and offers advice for how to pick stocks and mutual …

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Rising gold prices trigger modest rally in gold ETFs

A rally in gold prices since Monday in the international markets in tandem with stock markets tumbling has had a positive impact on gold exchange traded funds (ETFs). Spot gold prices were ruling at around $ 1,077.80 an ounce on Wednesday in Singapore … Continue reading at

The Top 10 Core Equity ETFs for 2016 (SCHD, EFV)

In the exchange-traded fund (ETF) market, core holdings ideally have several key attributes. First, they should be large enough to survive for a long time; they need sizable asset bases. They should be cheap since high costs diminish returns over the long … Continue reading at

Emerging Markets ETFs Revisit Some Dark History

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Chinese Market Has Shortest Trading Day In Its 25-Year History

S&P 500 futures were taking a hit on the news. The SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (NYSE: SPY) was trading down about 2 percent in Thursday’s pre-market session. Related Link: Gartman: Bull Market Is Over “Traders and analysts said that the weakening of the yuan in … Continue reading at

2015’s Biggest ETF Losers

Exchange-traded funds can be a great way for investors to make money over the long haul. Yet there are also ETFs that are oriented more toward short-term movements, and when people misuse them, it can end up costing them almost their entire investment. Continue reading at

* Ali Velshi breaks down the worst drop in nearly four years as traders blame China’s economy and a drop in oil prices

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    • Arthur Mondeau
    • January 7, 2016

    This guy is just an outright idiot propped up by the NWO propaganda and information that has no use for use for the average person made the stock market crash – 0 god bless america

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    • bigbangnone
    • January 7, 2016

    What we are seeing is a step – Based on jitters, worries, as China devalues their currency – China has caused a correction, but NOT a crash – as there are huge opportunities for investors. WHY? Because we do NOT have the criteria necessary to really slow our economy. There are still allot of great products, and businesses that have been stimulated by quantitative easing and those businesses are producing profits. So it is reasonable to predict that only an idiot investor would stay away from these profits in September. And by the way, there are a few people who are sitting in gold who are badmouthing the market by attempting to say the crash is now. All we are seeing is China devalue their currency. WHY, Because they have been stockpiling GOLD for years, and they know their gold is going to be more valuable if they can forcer a fear in the west to buy more GOLD – But do not give more money to China. Stay in stocks. There are great investments that I am going to take advantage of in this next week :-)

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