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American Funds’ The Growth Fund Of America: Why Not Just Buy An ETF?

American Funds’ The Growth Fund Of America: Why Not Just Buy An ETF?

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Mutual Funds

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American Funds The Growth Fund Of America Why Not Just Buy An ETF

Image by OEA – OAS

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As a follow-up to last week’s breakdown of precious metals ETFs (the GLD and SLV), today’s Word is also ETF, but with a special focus on the Treasury Bond ETF: the TLT. The moral of the story with these financial products is to read the fine print, but we will give you another reason why as well.

Let’s dig deeper into one of the more popular Treasury Bond ETFs: it’s called the TLT, managed by Blackrock. If you think this ETF sounds like a safe investment because its underlying assets are US Government Securities, you may surprised to find out how much risk you’re actually taking on.

If you look at the prospectus it states:

“The Fund may engage in securities lending. Securities lending involves the risk that the Fund may lose money… ”

“The Fund may lend securities representing up to one-third of the value of the Fund’s total assets”

So one-third of underlying assets in the ETF, in this case Treasurys, can be used as collateral to take out loans.

The prospectus it also states:

“The Fund also may invest up to 5% of its assets in repurchase agreements collateralized by U.S. government obligations and in cash and cash equivalents, including shares of money market funds”

Let’s put the pieces together:

TLT can lend up to one-third of its total assets for cash, and then invest that cash in things like money market funds. This is something you could only find out by reading the Statement of Additional Information, a supplement to the prospectus.

The fund can then invest up to 5% of its assets in repos, cash, and money market funds.
So, up to 38.33% of assets can be put in the money market.

And according to the Schedule of Investments, 36.01% of the 20+ year TLT Treasury Bond Fund is invested in Money Market Funds.

Now there is not necessarily a problem with Money Market Funds, but this is certainly an area of additional risk especially if you thought the underlying assets were a direct liability of Uncle Sam. Just recall the run on Money Market Funds after the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008, it gave rise to headlines like “Rushing to save money-market funds” and “Money-Market Funds Get Billion Backstop From U.S.”

So remember, before investing in an ETF, even in an apparently safe one, it is important to do your homework. A sophisticated investor or trader may have good reason to use such an ETF, but if you are buying into the TLT as a long-run alternative to buying US Treasurys, you may want to think twice about where you are parking your hard earned money.

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    • A -d intexas
    • January 12, 2016

    1:30 wow, up tp 1/3 of total assets can be used as collaeral to take out loans. pawnsi scheme they will put one dude in jail in the year 2020, thats my prediction

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    • grraadd
    • January 12, 2016

    Read fine print – another example of that fundamental rule.
    Other useful rule to follow is: if it's regulated by central planners it must be crawling with corruption and fraud (unlike free market regulation).

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    • yohance brown
    • January 12, 2016

    Great post. Thanks

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    • The92freightliner
    • January 12, 2016

    Eye candy and education , love it .

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    • DLeeWilliamsburg1
    • January 12, 2016

    Kind of "Hot for Words" goes to the financial markets … ?

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    • The Right Stuff
    • January 12, 2016

    Better to have a leveraged inversed treasury/bond ETF ? ????

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    • TheVictianality
    • January 12, 2016

    … and thank YOU for "breaking it down" for us, Lauren. *fist bump* =)

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    • feseveri1911
    • January 12, 2016

    and yes, ppl will invest in these gladly lol…why? because the suckers are suckers…and that's a full-time job for them, not a part-time Which leads to this…they deserve everything they're gonna get

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