Ad market has Jefferies bullish on large-cap media

Ad market has Jefferies bullish on large-cap media

Large-cap media stocks are set to surprise investors (positively) this earnings season, says Jefferies Group’s John Janedis. Particularly considering the bear market in media, Q4 ad results were strong and Janedis expects that market will stay strong at … Continue reading at

Small-Cap Financials Underperformed Large-Caps Last Week

Larger-cap stocks, above $ 10 billion … Smaller-capped stocks--those under $ 10 billion in market capitalization--have underperformed large-caps. They lost 11.2% in the past year and 8.3% last week. Small-caps' underperformance relative to larger … Continue reading at

Jefferies Likes Large Cap Media, Sees Potential For M&A

Jefferies analyst John Janedis believes that media stocks will surprise to the upside this earnings season. In a new report, Janedis notes that, despite the media industry being caught in a bear market, the Q4 ad market remained strong. Jefferies expects … Continue reading at

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4 Best US Large-Cap Value Index Mutual Funds

Value stocks of U.S. large-cap companies typically show favorable returns … patience to realize profits on value stocks since it may take years until the stocks’ market prices catch up with their intrinsic worth. Investors who wish to obtain exposure … Continue reading at

5 Defensive Stocks to Buy for 2016

With this in mind, adopting a more defensive position seems prudent. The screen. We used the Recognia Strategy Builder to search for large-cap U.S. stocks (with a market capitalization more than $ 10 billion) in the consumer staples, telecom services and … Continue reading at

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15 large-cap stocks are already down at least 10% in 2016

Following a quick drop of 7% for the Shanghai Composite Index, trading on China's largest stock market was halted after just 29 minutes … Looking at stocks trading in the U.S., the worst large-cap performer this year (so far) has been AutoNation … Continue reading at

Personal Finance: Don’t sweat the Chinese stock market

and their recent volatility is not a significant causal factor in the U.S. stock market slide. Unlike the U.S. economy dominated by private enterprise, most of China’s major corporations remain government-owned and controlled. Large cap stocks trading on … Continue reading at

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