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Fox News anchor tackles world economy at Irvine chamber event

Fox News anchor tackles world economy at Irvine chamber event

IRVINE - Two factors are shaping the world economy: the financial panic of 2008 and an unprecedented demographic shift, Fox News anchor Stuart Varney said at the Irvine Chamber of Commerce's Business Outlook breakfast Friday. Varney, who hosts the Fox … Continue reading at

Inquiry in China Adds to Doubt Over Reliability of Its Economic Data

Some have cited the lack of correlation as a sign of possible fudging in the country's economic statistics, while optimists have said that the figures may show how China is shifting away from energy-intensive manufacturing. State news media reported last … Continue reading at

Fox News anchor tackles world economy at Irvine chamber event

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Donald Trump wants U.S. economic bubble to pop before he becomes president

He believes any substantial rate hike would burst the U.S. economic bubble. "This is a political thing, keeping these interest rates at this level," Trump told a news outlet at the time. "Janet Yellen for political reasons is keeping interest rates … Continue reading at

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10 Ways to Save Puerto Rico’s Economy

When competing with global headlines, which are keeping many a policymaker awake … Yet, there are many opportunities to reverse the island’s economic woes, which have triggered one of the largest non-conflict related resettlements in recent history. Continue reading at

Obama's economic numbers better than at any point since 2009

You'll receive free e-mail news updates each time a new story is published. President Obama’s job-approval rating has rebounded into positive territory, boosted by improving assessments of his handling of the nation’s economy since 2012 and thawing … Continue reading at

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Personal Budget

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