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Warning sign: U.S. economy only grows 0.7%

Warning sign: U.S. economy only grows 0.7%

America lost its momentum at the end of 2015. The U.S. economy only grew 0.7% between October and December. It’s the slowest pace since the first quarter of 2015, when the economy grew at a 0.6% pace as parts of the country battled with blizzards and … Continue reading at

Economy inches forward

Canadian economic growth crept upwards in November by 0.3 per cent -- the first sign of life in the monthly data since August, when there was a razor-thin increase of 0.1 per cent. Statistics Canada’s latest reading for real gross domestic product … Continue reading at

Warning sign US economy only grows 07

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Alibaba's Strong Earnings Are Seen as Good News for China's Economy

HONG KONG -- Gu Minghui's sugar-cookie business is enjoying growing sales and continued profits. The big question, for China's Alibaba Group and the Chinese economy, is whether the country's appetite will last. Ms. Gu, a 37-year-old in Shanghai … Continue reading at

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Breast is best for babies, mothers and economy: study

Paris (AFP) – Breastfeeding more babies for longer could save the global economy some $ 300 billion in a single year, simply by yielding smarter and higher-earning offspring, researchers said Friday. It would also prevent more than 800,000 child deaths … Continue reading at

US economy slows sharply in fourth quarter of 2015

WASHINGTON: The US economy slowed sharply in the fourth quarter of last year to a 0.7 per cent annual rate, down from 2.0 percent in the third quarter, the Commerce Department reported Friday (Jan 29). For the full year the economy still mustered a 2.4 … Continue reading at

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French economy grew 1.1% in 2015, fastest in four years

France’s economy grew by 1.1 per cent in 2015, its biggest expansion in four years, which the government hailed as confirmation of a turnaround after years of economic stagnation, official statistics showed today. Continue reading at

US economy slowed to scant 0.7 pct. growth rate last quarter

The U.S. economy’s growth slowed sharply in the final three months of 2015 to a 0.7 percent annual rate. Consumers reduced spending, businesses cut back on investment and global problems trimmed exports. The slowdown could renew doubts about the durability … Continue reading at

3 Reasons for Optimism About American Economy

Despite the latest headlines warned about "a day of reckoning" and the … They don't expect that it will negatively impact the economy, according to the Director of Economic Indicators at The Conference Board, which compiles the Consumer Confidence … Continue reading at

US stocks open higher despite sluggish economy

NEW YORK (AP) – U.S. stocks opened higher, despite signs of weak economic growth, on encouraging earnings news and higher energy prices. The government said Friday that growth in the U.S. economy slowed as consumers spent less, business didn’t invest as … Continue reading at

Japan Economy Minister to Quit Over Graft Allegations

Japan’s economy minister, Akira Amari, says he intends to resign due to allegations he accepted bribes from a construction company. Amari made the announcement in a televised news conference on Thursday. Amari has denied any wrongdoing. But he apologized … Continue reading at



Sometimes I think that I sound like a broken record. I am constantly using phrases such as "get prepared while you still can" and "time is running out". In fact, I use them so often that people are starting to criticize me for it. A lot of it has to do with the fact that we have such short memories and such short attention spans in America today. Thanks to years of television and endless hours on the Internet, I find myself having a really hard time focusing on anything for more than just a few moments. And we are accustomed to living in an "instant society" where we don't have to wait for anything. In such a society, we are used to "news cycles" that only last for 24 hours and very few people take a "long-term view" of anything. Unfortunately, that is not the truth. As I have written about previously, the long-term trends that are destroying our economy have continued to get worse since 2008, and none of the problems that caused the last financial crisis have been fixed. #4 Some people are actually trying really hard to get ahead, but admittedly that is really tough to do when we are all being taxed into oblivion. In fact, it was reported this week that Americans now spend more on taxes than they spend on food, clothing and housing combined. In this day and age, it is imperative that we all learn how to think for ourselves. The foundations of our society are crumbling, our economic system is failing and the blind are leading the blind. If we do not learn to make our own decisions, we are just going to follow the rest of the herd into oblivion. payday loan debt americans america u.s. usa “united states” prepare economy prepared survival prepping “emergency supplies” usd dollar banking “bank account” savings “savings account” warning crisis finance 2008 2014 2015 “clean water” “food bank” seeds tv entertainment society media movie “tv show” game jobs “job agency” security gold silver “sell gold” “silver bullion” trendy currency “american dream” citizenship emergency sickness business tax food supermarket “grow food” farming “local produce” healthy “elite nwo agenda” american blackout false flag attack endgame alex jones documentary illuminati elite rothschild george soros jim rogers david icke glenn beck lindsey williams perth mint demcad bugout bag rawdogletard g4t ebola gas mask food riots ebt blackout end times the road movie

Taken together, these facts spell doom for the U.S. dollar. Short of attempting - highly unrealistically - to increase its manufactured output by nearly 50 percent and to sell the increased output abroad, America can't dig itself out of the hole -- at least not if it sticks with free trade. The ultimate outcome will surely be a total collapse of the dollar. And in that event, as the former top Reagan administration economic policymaker Paul Craig Roberts has pointed out, shoppers in Walmart will feel they are in Neiman Marcus.

The world's kingpin currency for more than half a century, the dollar has survived in recent years thanks only to the "charity" of strangers: export-minded East Asian governments, principally those of Japan and China, have bought ever larger amounts of U.S. Treasury bonds to keep their own currencies low. For the East Asians, the attraction is that they can continue for a few more years to hollow out the American manufacturing base. financial system almost collapsed back in 2008? Millions of Americans suddenly lost their jobs, and because many of them were living paycheck to paycheck, many of them also got behind on their mortgages and lost their homes. You don't want to lose everything that you have worked for during this next major economic downturn. It is imperative that you have an emergency fund. It should be enough to cover all of your expenses for at least six months, but I would encourage you to have an emergency fund that is even larger than that. In the long-term, the U.S. dollar is going to lose a tremendous amount of value and inflation is going to absolutely skyrocket. That is one reason why so many people are investing very heavily in gold, silver and other precious metals. All over the globe, the central banks of the world are recklessly printing money. Everyone knows that this is going to end very badly. In fact, there is already a push in more than a dozen U.S. states to allow gold and silver coins to be used as legal tender. Someday you will be glad that you invested in gold and silver now while their prices were still low. This is a skill that most Americans possessed in the past, but that most Americans today have forgotten. Growing your own food is a way to become more independent of the system, and it is a way to get prepared for what is ahead.

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    • David Bradley
    • January 29, 2016

    the reality is no one has the funds to prepare for anything past 2 to 7days….

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    • ImaMonaKnight
    • January 29, 2016


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    • Brett Jacobs
    • January 29, 2016

    Financial issues are the least of the USA's problems. The Globalists will inform us mid-Sept. 2015 that there is a meteor/asteroid approaching USA & they must use Nuclear Weapons to minimize damage. Yet the asteroid/meteor story is a complete lie! Nuclear weapons will trigger a massive tsunami on the East and West Coast, which will be 100% man made. The event is a False Flag to usher in Marshal Law. Financial topics are irrelevant if we allow them to Nuke the USA.

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    • Tweeeety
    • January 29, 2016

    You have been lied to about almost everything all your life!!! And now we are living in the end of times. Seriously,…ready to face your Creator??? Everybody has to die one day.
    Tough times ahead no doubt about it. God did not create us so we can just eat, drink, have sex, look for food and live and die. God created animals for that and gave humans thinking brains and power to distinguish between right and wrong deeds. People your status is Much higher than Angels, satan and his followers jinns and animals. But Satan wants to prove to God that you are like an animal or even worst. We are here to prove that we are worth going back to Heaven, a place from where our Parents Adam and Eve were expelled from. We are here to prove to God and his other creations that we deserve that High status God gave us. That means we will be tested many times in this world until it's time for our soul to go back to see the outcome of our efforts in this world and its result. God sent many sets of instructions or holy books for us to guide us but satan kept messing with the teachings in order to misguide us. Very Last Holy book is still preserved in its original form. It even explains teachings of the previous holy books in it showing that the author is one and only, the same God. It's teachings have never been altered or changed by any human being. God promised to protect His last detailed Holy book till the end of time for future generations. And it's a miracle that not a word has been omitted or added to it.
    Why He preserved His last book because the teachings and messages of God in the first two Holy books that God sent were altered by satan worshipping illumanti blood sucking priests. They just took it upon themselves to add or delete what they thought was right in other words they Changed the Word of God and added lies in it. So you just don't know what's the truth and what was added. Why don't you take a look in it and see exactly how does a God sound like in a book that's 1400 years old? Won't cost you anything. You might find out for sure if it teaches you to do only Good or terrorism. Do you really think CNN, flow news or any media is a good source to learn about Islam and Muslims? Because they never lie right? Let me tell you Satan uses media 24/7 to bad mouth Muslims and to ruin the image of Islam. Do you know why? So you won't find out the truth about your Real God. If I was lying I wouldn't encourage you to do a research to find out the truth right? So please open your mind and heart and see what's in there that 1.7 billion people learn its verses pages by pages by heart!!! Because of its miraculous nature people who don't even speak Arabic, learn its verses by heart. How many Christians you know who know bible word for word by heart?
    It has verses that will save you from Anti Christ, it has verses that makes the satan and his army run miles away from you. Because God saved His last book and preserved it till end of time. It will be a pity if your eyes never even got a chance to see what the Owner of your soul wants you to know. You would be asked, Were you not blessed with a thinking brain and seeing eyes? ( in your case you have online access too) then why didn't you even try to find the truth?
    Why are you just running with what your parents taught you to be true. They could be wrong. Were they always right about every thing else? Of course not. So why this blind faith in your parents religion? Do your own research, because you will go to your grave alone, they won't come to help you.
    you have to earn a place in Heavens, by searching for the original message and commands of your One True Lord who owns your soul. So don't be lazy now, no time left.
    If you are a Good Christian that's probably because your parents taught you to be one. If you were born in a house of Buddhist or Jew then you would have been a good budhist or Jew. What I am trying to say is you would be asked why you did not look for Truth in the world? What would be your excuse? You think by screaming Jesus Jesus you deserve A place like Heaven? You think your God is so cruel and unfair that He would sacrifice his own son? You think your God will make children born in sin when they really haven't committed any? How cruel and unjust are you in your way of thinking. Your Lord is extremely Just, Kind, Loving and Most Merciful. And no one pays for anybody's sins. News flash!!!! Satan has been fooling you all, until you die believing this. Wake up!!! He gave the status Of God to a living, breathing human being. God has no wives and no sexual desires or any need for sons or daughters. So this lie you live on, will not take you to Heaven cuz your way of thinking is so cruel and unjust.
    It's about time you start your search for the Truth honestly and with sincerity or else you will never find One True God who owns your soul.
    Satan has managed to deceive many into worshiping a human Jesus, as god and will continue to do so until you do your,own research. I don't want to insult yours or anybody's faith or win a discussion or argument. I beg you humbly to please open the one and only protected Holy book, just once in your life and see if it sounds like the voice of the Creator of the Universe? That's all I beg of you. Please don't get me wrong. I respect people of all faiths.

    Remember God can not just create you and leave you to do whatever you desire. He did send a Manual and a book of instructions for you to follow and those are for your own good.This world is a testing place and you are being tested every day that you live. If you ask my advice I would say do a comparative study of Islam and Christianity and Judaism. Good luck and seek and you shall find the Truth God willing. May God guide you and make you one of the dweller of paradise.

    There are many links but here's a link to worlds most antique and still protected book and still in its original form even after 1400 years the Quran. Enjoy this ancient book for free here: Www. Quran. com If you are reading this,…..chances are God wants to guide you too, so take a hint and search for Him honestly. Don't waste your life thanking false gods, and messiah. If you are not thanking your True Creator for his blessings than you are fooling yourself, by thanking His creation and giving him(the false gods) the status of God. That is a Major Major, unforgivable sin. Know that! Is it really too much to find out what do Holy books of other religions say? You might be in for life changing surprises that may open your eyes to information you could not even imagine. Why waste time reading books authored by human beings? You want some real juice? Read the Holy books and see how God communicates.P.S. You ll be surprised how much terrorism is in Quran! Check it out yourself, why just trust the media? Illuminati priests have mixed up some truth with much falsehood in Holy Bible and changed its original teachings and he did that with the teachings of Bible? Fact: Real name of Jesus is not Jesus. He was not born on Dec 25th, and Bible was never written by Jesus. Jesus never in his entire time claimed that he was God or that people should worship him and his idols.why why couldn't he say that? His disciples never worshiped him or his mother. The name of the book or teachings sent to Jesus was not even Bible. Even the name of the faith that Jesus brought was not "Christianity" nor his believers were known as "Christians". So honestly if you do little bit of research you ll find out there are many things not true and it may seem more like an incomplete mission or message of a Prophet of God. And that is why Jesus would come back to clarify that he is not to be worshipped and his message was to worship One and only God and he ll kill the antiChrist, who is a one eyed, curly haired, huge and powerful human being and a Jew by race. So tired of ignorant people making videos about Obama or Prince William, saying they may be the anti Christ.

    People get the facts right, do your research, you got access to so much info that no one had before you. Our parents had one God, one faith and one enemy! Thanks to that enemy billions of children of Adam and Eve are lost and disobeying God days and night unknowingly. Search the truth, it's your right. Don't be lazy, don't be fooled, find the truth, it s a matter of your life in hell or heaven for eternity. You are given only one chance, once you are dead, you are dead, there are no more chances. And in hell you ll wish for death but there is no end or death in afterlife. This life is your one and only chance. There is a never ending life after death. Body goes back to dust and soul goes back to its Creator. An example of that is Sleep. When you sleep, you enter another world where your soul not body, can completely feel pain and pleasure in dreams, as if it's really happening to you. God shows us this sign of death, every night, that you ll die and there is another world. So please wake up, wake up. A Muslim or Islam is not your enemy, wake up Satan and his followers are your worst enemies. Everything else is Gods creation. Satan will make sure to make you fight against only one race, that is still following the teachings of the True Lord, Muslims. Not Shias, not hooties not Isis as they are NOT Muslims according to Quran but real peace loving Muslims who follow the commands of their Lord.

    Let your finger do some work and world will open itself to you. Ignorance is no excuse. What would you say when angels of hell would ask you Why couldn't you find the truth, before they throw you in the hell for infinity? Save yourselves from that regrettable time and tortures of hell fire. Satan exists, God exists! If you can live forever then you can ignore God and His message but if you have to die one day and God will take back your soul then it's better you wake up and find out what are the dos and donts of this life to please your Creator. Your soul will be answerable for every little act that you do in this world. Wake up before it's too late. There are no certainties in life, except DEATH! There is a fixed time of a day for your death, you just don't know it. You will certainly die and go to your grave alone, your grave could be full of snakes or fire, depends what kind of punishment awaits you. Remember.: Not thanking real God all your life for his blessings is a huge sin. Instead considering His creations as God is an Unforgivable Sin!!!! Fire and water are Gods signs for you so you can imagine hell and heaven.
    In the privacy of your room, ask God to guide you and in your heart accept the Creator of Adam and Eve as your Only true God.

    Look for the God of your parents Adam and Eve instead of blindly believing in the gods of your mom and dad. Chances are they may have been mislead big time. Satan WILL stop you are for sure, from doing this research,… making it a matter of ego, it's not! Whose parents were on the right path and whose are not, who cares. Your parents will go to their graves and you will go to your own, alone. Save that beautiful soul of yours from the tortures of hell that you ll get in your grave and do Your own search for the truth. It is out there, you just have to have real honest and sincere intention to find it. That's the key to it all. Cuz of ego Satan lost his place in heaven and he ll try his best to make you do the same. Throw away your ego, there is a good chance your parents may not be on the right path,… is possible! You have to confirm, if they taught you the true religion or not. Please please do a real good research, look for "comparisons between bible and Quran" " Contradictions in bible" etc etc before you defend or offend any faith. Posting untrue info or rude comments with out any knowledge to win an argument does not harm anyone, does not even make you look smart but only harms you. All I ask is dear fellow human save your soul from a painful future in hell and do some honest research.May God guide you to the right path Amen.
    Type www. Quran. Com. ( this is not my website)
    Quran. com Love and peace to all the children of Adam and Eve, of all faiths, beliefs and origins. Remember you all are victims of Satan and his army and you still have time and hope to save yourself by asking the one and Only God who created Adam and Eve, Noah, David, Solomon, Joseph, Abraham, Moses,…….
    www Quran. Com ( I don't own or promote any websites)
    Warning: Satan will do his best to make you not to open and read this book,… ready to resist,… me that will happen and that should show you how badly he wants to keep you away from knowing the Ultimate truth. Just ask God to help you read and understand it. He always help those who ask for His help alone.
    And don't forget to search for on YouTube and Google:
    "Contradictions in bible yusufestes", Jesus in Quran, Mary in Quran, bible and Quran, bible vs Quran, Jesus in Islam
    Not knowing the Real God and worshipping false God is an UNFORGIVABLE SIN!!! No time to be lazy.

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    • Sidney Boudro
    • January 29, 2016

    But don't worry to much our constitution tells us we will buy and sell with silver or gold. You have any silver or gold? Isn't it treason to use paper dollars worth nothing as money?

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    • Sidney Boudro
    • January 29, 2016

    It happens once a generation once it happens people will try to be prepared for the next time but they won't live that long. When I was young my grand mother asked me if I thought a depression would come again of course I didn't know but I could tell it bothered her.

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    • Adam Mangler
    • January 29, 2016

    I'm not ready yet!
    Please send me all your money to help me!!!

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    • jirka merunka
    • January 29, 2016

    What's the hurry? We still have like 7 weeks till that happens, so as I say no hurry…

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    • dyingtodeath
    • January 29, 2016

    This world is being led into despair and destruction by Unseen Forces which have complete sway over the human leadership and Ruling Class, that in turn are bringing us all into the dire straights of History.

    These preternatural entities of the nether world and denizens of the infernal regions, are truly evil geniuses of unimaginable dimension, some of them making up what the ancients called, The Elementals, capable and formerly assigned by God, to control aspects of the movements of heavenly bodies themselves, and the physical elements. Some of these Fallen beings hold sway over entire regions of the earth and its peoples, or managing the rise and fall of their human rulers. They are able to bless artistic and musical performers and celebrities with peerless genius and abilities in their crafts, like is seen here with magicians performing the impossible with the help and guidance of friendly demon spirits, . Even more unsettling is their ability to deceive the entire world that they don't even exist, or by concocting the absurdly fanciful notion of Macro Evolution to lead Humanity away from glorifying its awesome Creator and God as explained by the unsettling testimony of Roger Morneau, . But what you stated about Christ is the most important thing to remember, of all. Christ Jesus, who came in the flesh into this fallen world, was, and is, the Logos Word of God Almighty through Whom God spoke the worlds into existence, as is eloquently proclaimed in the first verses of John's Gospel. The gospels depict the sheer terror of the demons when confronted by the majestic Lord Christ, and he had complete dominion over them, able to send them screaming into the Abyss. I try to always remember that, although I am utterly weak and powerless against these wicked powers that imbue the human Powers That Be this craven world, this same might Lord and Master of All, Jesus Christ, is already victorious over ALL, and all I need to do is call upon his holy name for help and guidance, and he is good and merciful to save.h We must eventually die in this world, whether in the tranquility of sleep as old people, or by painful torture at the hands of the evil human minions of the Devil. It's appointed unto man once to die, and then after this comes the Judgment. I don't fear these cosmic scum and celestial mutineers, I only fear the awesome and Almighty God of the Universe and His Son Jesus Christ who has been given all authority over men and angels, amen.

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    • jackgoldman1
    • January 29, 2016

    The collapse is over. The dollar is down 90%, or 6% a year for 50 years. The issue is the speed. The collapse is over but the CONSEQUENCES of the dollar collapse has not arrived yet. It tried to in 2008 but the powers that be intervened, thankfully. I don't want a collapse or the consequences. I am fairly prepared for both worlds, one with a collapse and one without a collapse. Why not be prepared for both?

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