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With economy improving, Obama wages war of words with GOP doomsayers

With economy improving, Obama wages war of words with GOP doomsayers

Ray C. Fair, a Yale University economist, has used economic performance to predict presidential election outcomes with a high degree of accuracy. His model currently shows Democrats losing "by a fairly large amount." A Washington Post-ABC News poll … Continue reading at

Indian economic recovery losing steam: Nomura

NEW DELHI: India’s economic recovery is losing some steam and there is a likelihood of slowdown in the growth momentum, says Japanese financial services firm Nomura. While improving urban consumption demand and a robust transportation sector are supporting … Continue reading at

Scottish economy ‘just in growth’

A regular measure of the Scottish economy has indicated that it remains marginally in positive territory. The Bank of Scotland’s monthly Purchase Managers Index (PMI) suggested growth remained in “low gear”. The numbers for January reflected the second … Continue reading at

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Ed Butowsky on Breitbart News Radio: Job Growth Is Only 4 Percent Of What We Need to Pay Our Bills

Financial manager Ed Butowsky appeared on Breitbart News Saturday to discuss the latest economic news, criticizing the "complicit media" for slanting its reporting on jobs to favor the Obama Administration. "They don't understand why we need new jobs. Continue reading at

Between the lines: Welcome news on risk capital

It is therefore a particular delight to be able to report some good economic news. The report on risk capital provision in Scotland in 2014, recently published by Scottish Enterprise, paints a very positive picture - in some ways the most favourable … Continue reading at

How to Get Rich – Not Quick: The Minute or so a Month Personal Budget and Savings Plan (Get Rich Not Quick Book 1)
How would you like to have a million dollars in your savings account? Anyone with a steady job can do it, and it doesn’t take as …

My Money: Ultimate How to Guide for a Personal Budget, How to get More Out of Every Dollar
Worrying about money sucks. Wouldn't you agree?

Do you often buy things on impulse, only to realize you shouldn't have, beca…

The Simplified Personal Budget Book: Personal Finance
In this book, you will learn all the basic skills needed to manage your personal finances and achieve your financial goals. Each …

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President Barack Obama takes victory lap on economy

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama on Friday used a new jobs report to continue his victory lap on the economy -- and jab at the Republicans vying for his job. In brief remarks to reporters at the White House, Obama declared the U.S. has “the … Continue reading at

Why consumers may keep economy from sinking

Last week brought more evidence the economy has slipped into a slower pace of growth. The number of new jobs created in January, for example, tapered off to 151,000 from a blistering 278,000 monthly average in the fourth quarter. Not all the news was … Continue reading at

Why is a 4.9% unemployment rate a possible harbinger of economic woe?

This is a low that has been unseen for 8 years. Even so, many remain troubled about the economic health of the nation. Contrary to the impression that the headlines on the unemployment rate promote, significant issues remain unresolved. The participation … Continue reading at

The Fed’s dilemma: Is the economy slowing or surging?

At UBS, economist Samuel Coffin pointed out that the weaker jobs number appeared to be limited to two sectors of the economy. "The slowing did not appear to reflect weather but more generally appeared to reflect unsustainable swings in a few isolated … Continue reading at

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