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5 Exceptional Ways to Teach Your Kids About Money Management

5 Exceptional Ways to Teach Your Kids About Money Management

Although we value education, we almost never teach our kids about financial education. This can often lead them to make money mistakes in the future that can become burdensome for both you and your family. When your child finishes university and he starts … Continue reading at

Anderson mayor nixes money management changes

CLINTON -- Anderson County Mayor Terry Frank has vetoed a County Commission vote to establish a new way for the county to manage its finances, setting up a likely override vote by commissioners later this month. The commission last month voted 13-2 to … Continue reading at

5 Exceptional Ways to Teach Your Kids About Money Management

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New money management app for Filipino workers in Mena region

DUBAI // A money management app for Filipino workers in the Middle East and African countries will make its debut at a regional summit for expats this month. The Wealthy Filipino Migrants app will be uploaded at the launch on February 27 at Desert Palm … Continue reading at

Money Management

7.6% GDP growth projection will put govt’s money management to acid test. Here’s why

A couple of things stand out in the economic growth numbers released on Monday, once one gets past the mandatory cheering about India being the fastest growing economy, even at a lowered growth estimate. For one, the projected 7.6 percent in the current … Continue reading at

Liza Horvath, Senior Advocate: What we pay for money management

In the world of investing it can be difficult to understand what we are paying for money management services and, unfortunately, the confusion begins with the various names that money managers use. Do you know the difference between a Registered Investment … Continue reading at

Money Management: Ways to Have a Healthy Financial Life
The usual subjects that were taught to us in school are Sciences, Languages, and Performing Skills. One thing that is never taught…

Money Management Made Easy: A Comprehensive Guide On How to Manage Your Money Effectively And Enhance Your Lifestyle
Learning how to manage money is the first and basic thing that everyone can do for better life. Think about it, if you are unaware…

Money Management

Don Cayo: B.C.’s Clark takes top spot for money management among premiers

Canada’s top premier, as ranked by fiscal performance, is Christy Clark, according to a new Fraser Institute analysis. The rankings are based on performance during each premiers’ full time in office, not just the past year. And they are based on some … Continue reading at

Money Smart Week offers kids’ scholarships

Students submitting essays be must in grades 6 through 8, know about money management skills (decision-making related to spending and saving, investing, use of credit, etc.) appropriate for their age and grade level; demonstrate how they practice good … Continue reading at


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Money Management

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