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Here Are the 5 Best Apps for Budgeting and Personal Finances

Here Are the 5 Best Apps for Budgeting and Personal Finances

Getting your finances in order is no easy feat, and it’s easy to brush off the stress by “doing it later” -- until you check your bank account and realize you spent $ 200 on burritos. Luckily, there are handy apps to help keep track of every dollar earned … Continue reading at

This Legal Dispute Says Everything About the Shadiness of Personal Finance Gurus

Helaine Olen is columnist for Slate and the co-author of The Index Card. Rich Dad, Poor Dad is considered one of the bestselling personal finance books of all time. It combined the wish-fulfillment appeal of The Secret with what could be called a practical … Continue reading at

3 Important Personal Finance Lessons Singaporean Kids Need To Learn

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with a bright-eyed, fresh-faced 16-year-old from River Valley High School. "I can’t wait to go to uni!" she said. "You get to wear make-up at uni!" Undeterred, I asked her what she wanted to study at uni. Continue reading at


Millennials Struggle To Learn Basic Personal Finance

Millennials continue to struggle with basic financial literacy on investments, credit, debt, budgeting, and other common areas of personal finance, according to the study conducted by the George Washington University Global Financial Literacy Excellence … Continue reading at

The Top 5 Personal Finance Experts to Follow in 2016

Trying to reach your financial goals might seem like an intimidating task; however, the good news is that you don't have to do it alone. There are many financially successful people out there who are kind enough to share the steps that they took to … Continue reading at

The Budget Kit: The Common Cents Money Management Workbook
The bestselling guide to getting finances under control–now fully updated and revised for these financially challenging times.No …

How to Get Started Improving Your Credit: The Inside Information You Need to Avoid Costly Mistakes and Do Things Right the First Time (U.S. Credit Secrets Series Book 2)
[REVISED SEPT. 2014] The best way to get started improving your credit is a three-step process that involves (1) learning the key …

Budgeting: Personal Finance Plan: The #1 Guide To Budgeting, Personal Finance, And Gaining Financial Freedom In An Easy To Follow System That Will Change … Self Discipline, Habit, Goal Setting)
Ultimate Budgeting And Personal Finance Habit Forming Guide To Financial Freedom!Today only, get this Amazing Amazon book for this…


Here Are the 5 Best Apps for Budgeting and Personal Finances

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* Setting up a budget is a great way to help keep your finances on track and plan for the future. Check out these easy ways to get started creating a better budget for you and your family. Learn more at


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