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7 tips to survive the stock market downturn

7 tips to survive the stock market downturn

Some tips on what they should do to survive this … Reduce exposure to mid- and small-cap funds: Ideally, 50-70 per cent of your portfolio should be allocated to large-cap funds and 20-30 per cent to mid- and small-cap funds. Owing to the run-up in … Continue reading at

Panicked Clients? Don’t Tell Them Patience Pays. Prove It.

But does the recent underperformance of equities, particularly of large-cap U.S. stocks … and commoditis had the best return twice (2002 and 2004). Small-cap U.S. stock, natural resources, TIPS and non-U.S. bonds al had one winning year over the past … Continue reading at

4 Large-Cap Stocks That Make Great Holiday Gifts for Kids

“Individual stocks are more fun to talk about, but the habit of investing is the hottest pick of all.” Advisors shared five tips on how to get a child started … Identify and choose large, stable companies. “Gifting a new biotech company stock that … Continue reading at

Stock Investing

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Stock Investing

* 30 Ways To Prepare For The 2015 2016 Economic Collapse

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1.Do Some Research ( Assessing The Situation)

2.Read Stories Of Economic Collapses
-Learn From The Past
-Great Depression
-2007-2008 Crash

3.Inform Yourself ( Deepening On Your Continent, Country , Banking System )

4.Read About Survival ( Rural or Urban)

5.List Emergency Needs/ Personal Supplies

6.Make A List And Check It Twice

7.Start Saving Up CASH ( Emergency Fund)
-During An Economic Collapse Your Credit Card & Debit Card May Stop Working

8.Keep Some Cash At Home ( Under Your Control)
-Hide It/Store Under Coach/Mattress

9.Don't Put All Of Your Eggs In One Basket

10.Don’t Trust The Banking System

11.Get Out Of Dept = Dept Is Very Bad !

12.Consider Precious Metals ( Gold,Silver,Platinum)

13.Consider Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin,Mastercoin,Titcoin)

14.Start Reducing Your Expenses (Less Shopping, Less Consuming, Less Eating Out)
-The RRD Rule (Don’t Invest Your Money On Things That RUST,ROT & Depreciate In Value

15.Practice Austerity Before Austerity Is Imposed

16.Start A Side Business/Side Hustle/Online Business/Side Job

17.Start Storing Nonperishable Goods (Storable food)
-Exp. Canned Food, Packaged Food, Rice,Wheat ( Anything That Last Longterm And Has A Long Shelf-Life )

18.Create/Farm And Store Your Own Food
-Can You Imagine 50 Million People (Americans) Ramping Your Streets Looking For Their Next Meal?
One word "ZOMBIE-APOCALYPSE" !!!!!! Ok Maybe Two Words ?

19.Nobody Can Survive Without Water
-(Start Collecting Water In Large Amounts & Water Containers, Water Cookers, Water filters

20.Buy A Gas or Solar Cooker

21.Stockpile + Store Medicine and Medical Supplies
-Medicine Becomes Scares During An Economic Crash
-If You Are On Medication Learn About Natural Alternatives That You Can Obtain (If Possible)

22.Store Personal Hygiene Supplies
-Soap, Toilet Paper, Baby Diapers, Wet Wipes ..etc

23.Once You have Done All Of That Keep It To Yourself .
-You May Have Crazy, Friends Or Even Crazy Neighbours
-Reach Out Only To Like Minded People Who Are Also Prepping

24.Learn Valuable Skills ( Trade Skills/Exchange Skills)
-During A Financial Meltdown Many Average Citizens Will Start Bartering
-Medical Skills Sewing, Cooking, Auto Repair, Hunting ,Farming, Fishing ..etc

25.Learn Basic Emergency And Combat Skills (Medical Responses ,CPR)

26.Move Away From Big Cities (if you can)
-Move To A Small Farming Town Or Community

27.Have A Plan When The Grid Goes Down ( Neighbours, Electric Generator, Candles..etc)
-When The Economy Collapses, So Might The Power Grid And Even The Internet
-Crime, Rioting And Looting Becomes Commonplace During An Economic Collapse

28.Train Yourself & Train Your Mind To Handles Crisis
-Prepare Physically & Spiritually


30.Stockpile On Guns And Ammunition ( Weapons for Self-Defence)

31.Create A False Identity / Get a New Passport & Leave The Country


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Stock Investing

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