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These 3 Charts Suggest Dividend Stocks Are Next To Drop (DGRO, DGRW)

These 3 Charts Suggest Dividend Stocks Are Next To Drop (DGRO, DGRW)

One of the best choices for gaining exposure to quality dividend paying stocks is the iShares Core Dividend Growth ETF (DGRO). Taking a look at the fund's fundamentals, you'll find that its managers focus on U.S. stocks that are growing their dividends … Continue reading at

5 Dividend Stocks Set To Double (Again)

It’s easy to beat the stock market – just buy stocks in companies that pay dividends, and boost their payouts every year. While dividends help you “cash out” of your investment over time, the annual raises are what really make you money. Let me explain … Continue reading at

5 High-Yield Stocks With Safe Dividends

Finding reliable dividend income in today’s market is hard work, but we found five high quality businesses with safe dividend yields as high as 5.3%. Many income investors look at the dividend aristocrats list or the list of dividend kings to find sources … Continue reading at

Dividend Investing

Is Lions Gate Entertainment Corp’s Dividend Safe?

A portion of that boost was attributed to favorable tax rates and the studio’s strategic investment in Pilgrim Studios last November. Dividends or buybacks? Lions Gate management didn’t discuss the dividend at all during the conference call. Instead … Continue reading at

6 Dividend Growth Stocks With Very Little Debt

The goal of dividend investing is to find and buy dividend growth stocks that will continue to raise their dividends. To pay and raise its dividend a company must generate sufficient free cash flow. However, it is not enough to just generate the cash, it … Continue reading at

Dividend Investing: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Dividend Investing for Stock Market Income
Your Step-by-Step Guide To Dividend Investing For Stock Market Income

This book is the ultimate guide to dividend investing.

By …

Dividend Growth Machine: How to Supercharge Your Investment Returns With Dividend Stocks
In this book, investment professional Nathan Winklepleck will show you a better way to invest.

Through easy-to-understand example…

All About Dividend Investing, Second Edition (All About Series)
The safe, profitable alternative to a losing bet While many of us were learning the hard way that a buy-and-hope strategy is boun…

Dividend Investing

CSX Corporation: Interesting Yield But Can It Keep Raising The Dividend?

This is how I came up with my 7 investing principles of dividend investing. Let’s take a closer look at them. My first investment principle goes against many income seeking investors’ rules: I try to avoid most companies with a dividend yield over 5%. Continue reading at

The 10 Top S&P 500 Dividend Stocks for February

The market is in a relentless selloff, and you know what that means for dividend stocks: Yields are going up. That's more of a curse than a blessing when searching for stocks to buy, because anytime a dividend stock achieves some kind of eye-watering … Continue reading at

Income Investing: 5 Top Dividend Stocks Yielding Up to 7.5%

Dividend stocks are getting hammered, but you already know that. The public swings between "stocks will always go up" to "the sky is falling." Reality, though, tends to take the boring middle ground. Last month, traders fretted over oil prices. Continue reading at

Genuine Parts Company: Boring Equals Beautiful When It Comes to Dividends

Sexy stocks make for good stories. That's why there are 9,000 articles published about Tesla (TSLA) on any given day. But for dividend investors, the real key to finding great stocks isn't to hop on the superhighway, but rather to take that quaint … Continue reading at

Dividend Investing

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