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Personal Finance Q&A: Don’t cash out retirement fund to pay off credit card debt

Personal Finance Q&A: Don’t cash out retirement fund to pay off credit card debt

Dear Liz: I owe about $ 49,000 on my credit cards and now have the money to pay them off in full. Should I? Or should I slowly pay them in large amounts? Answer: There’s typically no reason to delay paying off credit card debt. Carrying balances costs you … Continue reading at

EPF tax shocker: Finance Ministry to offer relief from tax as PM intervenes; announcement likely on Tuesday

New Delhi: Sensing the outrage among salaried class on the Budget proposal to tax EPF withdrawals, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is reported to have intervened, following which the Finance Ministry has reviewed the proposal and is likely to offer some … Continue reading at

The 4 Best Personal Finance Apps for Banking, Budgeting and $aving Big Bucks

In 2015, NerdWallet drew up a list of the 10 most downloaded and/or bestselling budgeting apps on the market. Because different people have different financial needs, and because most people interested in using a budgeting or banking app probably don’t … Continue reading at


Smart money: top five personal finance apps

Here are some smart ways you can use the latest technological fixes to stay on top of your personal finances. Smart apps can drive your finances Photo: Getty Let's face it: organising our finances, paying our bills and keeping track of our spending can … Continue reading at

Your Favorite Mac Personal Finance Apps

We asked you to rate the Mac personal finance software that's near and dear to your heart (or that had let you down), and nearly 700 TidBITS readers answered our survey of 34 apps with close to 1,400 votes (see "Vote for Your Favorite Mac Personal … Continue reading at

The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness
If you will live like no one else, later you can live like no one else. Build up your money muscles with America's favorite fi…

Budgeting & Personal Finance: A Simple Beginner’s Guide to Planning a Budget, Saving Money, & Enjoying the Debt-Free Lifestyle (Budgeting, Money, Debt, Wealth, Stress)
About the Book....

"Money Doesn't Buy Happiness". I can't tell you how many times I've heard that phrase throughout my …

Budgeting: Third Edition: A Comprehensive Guide
Budgeting shows you how to assemble a complete system of budgets, including budgets for revenue, production, overhead, administrat…


Opinion: The EPF Tax And Other Personal Finance Issues

As far as the personal finance community is concerned, the entire discourse on Budget 2016 has been hijacked by the storm surrounding the proposed taxation of withdrawals from Employees Provident Fund and providing an exemption to 40 per cent of the NPS … Continue reading at

Budget 2016: Times guide to personal tax

Proposal (P): Increase the rate of surcharge on income exceeding Rs 1 crore to 15% from 12%. Impact (I): This will raise the maximum marginal rate of tax to 35.54% from 34.61% on the ‘super-rich’. P: Increase limit for tax rebate to Rs 5,000 from Rs 2,000 … Continue reading at

Making a budget isn't like being on a diet

“Budgeting makes it easier for people with incomes and expenses of all sizes to make conscious decisions about how they’d prefer to allocate their money,” said Amy Fontinelle, writer, editor, and personal finance expert, in an article on Continue reading at

How To Budget: A Simple, Flexible Method For Everyone

We might need $ 20 in our health budget one month and $ 220 the next. Since we can never be that exact and consistent by category, and since the overall goal anyway is to stay within one's means, over the five years that I've covered personal finance … Continue reading at

Personal Finance,Public Speaking & Debate Classes

The goal of these courses is to build financially responsible, confident and smart youth. Vital soft skills like Speaking with Confidence, Debating and Money Management gets on the chopping block first in our STEM based education curriculum. These skills … Continue reading at


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