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Covered Call ETFs Sidestep Market Volatility

Covered Call ETFs Sidestep Market Volatility

Many investors have now transitioned to a lower stock allocation during the midst of this early 2016 decline. There is also another way for ETF investors to own a basket of stocks with built-in options to collect income and potentially reduce price volatility. Continue reading at

ETF & Stocks in Focus on Sizzling February Auto Sales

After a lackluster start to the year, the auto sector rebounded in February on regained vigor in the economy and fresh signs of increasing consumer confidence. This is especially true as sales climbed 6.9% year over year to an annualized 17.51 million … Continue reading at

Covered Call ETFs Sidestep Market Volatility

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Mid-Day ETF Update: ETFs, Stocks Weaker Despite Bump in Crude Oil Prices; Concerns Over February Jobs Report Weigh

Most broad-market exchange-traded funds, including SPY, IWM, IVV and others, slipped lower. Concurrently, actively-traded PowerShares QQQ (QQQ) was down 0.7%. U.S. stocks were in negative territory at session’s half, even as crude oil prices rose. Continue reading at

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Gold Investors Can't Get Enough of This ETF

Potential investors should note that this suspension does not affect the ability to trade IAU on stock exchanges, so investors can still buy and sell shares of the ETF. However, due to the temporary suspension, IAU's price can diverge from its net asset … Continue reading at

A Winning Dividend ETF Idea For March

With interest rates forecast to rise and the energy sector home to a spate of cuts and suspensions, expectations were in place for a trying year for dividend stocks and exchange traded funds. The opposite has proven true as investors’ thirst for safer … Continue reading at

Mutual Funds: The Essential Strategies to Make Investing in Mutual Funds Profitable (Mutual Funds, Stocks for Beginners, Day Trading, Options Trading, … Stocks and Investing, Stock Market)
Discover The Essential Strategies to Make Investing in Mutual Funds Profitable
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Penny Stock Trading for Beginners: How to Buy Penny Stocks and How to Trade Penny Stocks for Big Profits
If you’re ready to make a profit with penny stock trading, then this book is for you!
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Stock Trading: The Ultimate Guide on How to Find the Right Stocks in the Stock Market (Stock Market for Dummies, Stocks for Beginners, Day Trading, Options … Stocks and Investing, Stock Market)
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Stock Investing: The Ultimate Success Guide To Investing In Stocks Online (Investing, Stock investing, investing in stocks, stock investing books, investing in the stock market, stock trading)
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Investors Buy Gold ETFs At Record Pace [Chart]

When the job report is dismal, stocks tend to fall and investors seek refuge in the safe-haven status of gold. To understand why IAU has suspended share creations, investors should know how the gold ETF works. Demand for gold ETFs has surged in recent … Continue reading at

Why Investing In Individual Bonds May Be Better Than Bond Funds For Millennials

When the stock market rallies, we can expect a rising yield of Treasuries … The bonds in iShares iBoxx $ High Yield Corp Bond ETF(HYG) provide a high yield as well as high default. Sanko: Millennials are confident, self-expressive, liberal and open … Continue reading at

5 Gold ETFs That Pay Dividends (SGDM, GDX)

Dividends are only available with equity-based gold ETFs that invest in the stocks of companies engaged in the gold industry. ETFs that pay dividends offer some risk protection, especially in volatile markets, and they also offer investors income while … Continue reading at

Preferred Stock ETFs Dodge Bullets From Banking Sector

David Fabian: Preferred stock ETFs were once considered a tiny corner of the alternative income marketplace that had dodged the bullet of credit contraction. High yield mainstays like junk bonds, master limited partnerships, and even REITs have felt the … Continue reading at

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