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The Best Value Mutual Funds

The Best Value Mutual Funds

Warm weather and daylight savings aren't the only signs of a changing season. The long frost on value stocks appears to be melting away, too. Since August 2008 through late summer, growth stocks outperformed value. Since then, however, performance has … Continue reading at barrons.com

Mutual Funds Oppose S.E.C.'s Plan for a Bigger Cash Cushion

At an industry conference last week, the lead regulator for the Securities and Exchange Commission's asset management division came under fire. The official, David W. Grim, was highlighting an initiative that would require mutual funds to increase their … Continue reading at mobile.nytimes.com

The Best Value Mutual Funds

Image by Smantha White

More than 20% of mutual funds shuttered over last five years

Nearly a quarter of all stock mutual funds disappeared during the past five years, and competition from index funds could hold the death rate steady in the future. Standard & Poor’s, in its semi-annual report on the performance of funds vs. their index … Continue reading at investmentnews.com

Mutual Funds Trading

ECB Takes Aggressive Stimulus Measures: 3 Funds to Buy

In this scenario, mutual funds having significant exposure to securities from euro zone may seem excellent investments. But before discussing the euro zone-focused mutual funds, let’s dig deeper into the new economic stimulus announced by the ECB. Continue reading at nasdaq.com

The Top 5 Alternative Energy Bond Mutual Funds for 2016 (TSBRX, CGAFX)

Investors usually focus their attention on the returns of their fixed-income portfolios, but what if their holdings could also help reduce the pollution and greenhouse gas emissions that are the byproducts of burning fossil fuels? Referred to as … Continue reading at investopedia.com

Mutual Fund Trading Abuses: SEC Consistently Applied Procedures in Setting Penalties, But Could Strengthen Certain Internal Controls: Gao-05-385
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and other regulators have recently identified two significant types of trading abuses…

Mutual Fund Trading Abuses
The BiblioGov Project is an effort to expand awareness of the public documents and records of the U.S. Government via print public…

Fundamentals of the Bond Market
Understand the ins and outs of today’s surprisingly versatile bond marketplace. . As stocks continue their roller-coaster ride, ne…

Mutual Fund Investing on the Internet
A guide for investors who want to take advantage of the many mutual fund investment resources on the Net. This work evaluates vari…

Mutual Funds Trading

How risky are sector funds and whom do they suit

1. What is a sector fund? It is a mutual fund scheme that invests entirely or predominantly in a single sector. Some investors choose sector funds when they believe that a specific sector will outperform the overall market, while others choose sector funds … Continue reading at economictimes.indiatimes.com

Could These International Mutual Funds Give Your Portfolio a Boost?

International mutual funds (DISAX) (PINOX) help you invest in companies around the world. By investing in these funds, you get to invest in companies like Sony (SNE), Prudential Financial (PJH), and Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical (SHI) in one go. Continue reading at marketrealist.com

The 10 Best Funds for Your 401k

First, because 401k plans are designed for retirement savings, you want a diverse mix of about eight to 10 mutual funds that are suitable for long-term investing. Any less than that, and you'll lack a necessary diversity in categories; any more … Continue reading at investorplace.com

US Leveraged Loan Funds See First Investor Cash Infusion Since July 2015

Take note, however, that the net-inflow figure represents a $ 41 million net redemption from mutual funds filled back in by an infusion of $ 97 million to the ETF space, for the net-positive figure, or inverse positive 175%. A similar dynamic was in place … Continue reading at forbes.com

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Mutual Funds Trading

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