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China says slowing economy won’t stop anti-pollution efforts

China says slowing economy won’t stop anti-pollution efforts

… economic development model and pursue “economic quality, but also environmental quality,” Chen told a news conference during an annual meeting of the country’s legislature. Politics & Government Nature & Environment China Chen Jining economic growth Continue reading at

‘Economic despair’ spurs low-income boys to drop out of high school

Related: The ‘birth lottery’ and economic mobility Take Louisiana and the District of Columbia, which have some of the highest levels of income inequality in the country. One quarter or more of high schoolers there fail to graduate within four years. Continue reading at

George Osborne gets mixed economic news in week before budget

UK's trade deficit narrows as construction industry output weakens slightly A modest narrowing of Britain's trade gap coupled with a slight weakening in the construction sector has provided George Osborne with mixed economic news before next week's … Continue reading at

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We do not follow ‘beggar thy neighbour’ macro-economic policies, PM Narendra Modi said taking a jibe at China

ET SPECIAL:Love visual aspect of news? Enjoy this exclusive slideshows treat! Prime minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said India’s rapid economic growth in Asia is very distinct for more than one reason. “We have never tried to gain in trade at the … Continue reading at

Trump, Sanders Agree: Economy in Ruins

The U.S. economy has created 14 million private-sector jobs since … In rankings released recently by U.S. News and World Report, in the “open for business” category, the U.S. clocks in at a shocking 23rd. But there is a growing consensus among … Continue reading at

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India's star shines bright amid global economic challenges: IMF chief Christine Lagarde

Appreciating continuing reform process in the country, IMF chief Christine Lagarde today said "India's star shines bright" amid global economic challenges and can deliver nearly two-thirds of the worldwide growth over the next four years despite a … Continue reading at

Russian banker pleads guilty to conspiracy in economic espionage ring, sentenced to 30 months in prison

Evgeny Buryakov, 40, admitted in Manhattan Federal Court that he acted as an agent of the Russian government for three years when he worked with diplomats gathering sensitive economic intelligence on potential U.S. sanctions against Russian banks and on U … Continue reading at

Where the candidates stand on 'the special Jedi Council' that determines our economy

There's a big vote coming up this year, one that could change the course of the American economy. No, we're not talking about the presidential election. (Though we'll get to that in a moment.) We're talking about the Federal Reserve, the … Continue reading at

China’s central banker says economy can hit growth target

At a news conference, Zhou said reforms will help to spur domestic demand, “so I believe we can realize these economic growth targets.” Zhou also tried to dispel fears Beijing might weaken its yuan to boost exports. He said Chinese manufacturers are very … Continue reading at

Good news for air travellers! Parliament passes bill to hike compensation in case of death, injury, lost baggage

New Delhi: A Bill providing for enhanced compensation to air travellers in case of death, injury, lost baggage or even inordinate delay in flights, was passed by Parliament on Friday. The Carriage by Air (Amendment) Bill was passed in Lok Sabha on December … Continue reading at

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