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March Madness Money Management Tips and Expert Betting Advice

March Madness Money Management Tips and Expert Betting Advice

For a lot of people, the NCAA Tournament is all about filling out brackets and playing pools. Bettors know, though, that the real fun and profit in March is to be had not in playing pools but in betting on the tournament itself. There is a ton of games in … Continue reading at

Three Money Management Tricks that Make Splitting Finances as a Couple Easier

Fighting with your significant other about money is a time honored tradition amongst couples. NPR spoke with a financial adviser to come up with a simple set of rules that help keep those problems to a minimum. Basically, NPR suggests setting up accounts … Continue reading at

March Madness Money Management Tips and Expert Betting Advice

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Fin-tech for kids: Time to teach some smart money management skills to youngsters

Managing money may be one of the most important skills one needs, but unfortunately it is something not taught in any school. As a result, teaching money management to children becomes the sole responsibility of parents. In this age of rising consumerism … Continue reading at

Money Management

Cooperative Extension to host money management simulation for students

Cornell Cooperative Extension Association of Jefferson County, in conjunction with Fort Drum Rural Initiative for STEM Excellence and Copenhagen Central School, will host a money management simulation for students, called Mad City Money, from 8 to 10:30 a … Continue reading at

How do you stack up to college students on these money questions?

The good news is that it appears college students feel relatively confident in their money-management skills -- more than 60% said they were excellent or good at handling money, in a recent survey conducted by Sallie Mae -- and they want to learn more … Continue reading at

Money Management for College Students
College isn’t free.Paying for college is one of the most challenging situations you’ll ever have to face. Every year, thousands …

Money Management Tips: Control Money Don’t Let It Control You (Budgeting your money, How to save money tips, Get out of debt fast, Live cheap, Debt free, Spend less)
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Dallas Kindergarteners Get An Early Start On Money Management

Audio for this story from All Things Considered will be available at approximately 7:00 p.m. ET. Financial planners say it’s important to start saving for retirement at a young age. You won’t believe how young one group of investors is starting in Texas. Continue reading at

Women who rock the asset management cradle

It is all in your mind.” Not just marriage, some men find money-management intimidating too. Kumar of Value Research says, “Not just women, but even men shouldn’t get intimidated by money as you can do without any other aspect of life, but money would … Continue reading at

March Madness Money Management Tips and Expert Betting Advice

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United Capital Starts Financial Advising With A Money Game

The approach shows a very different way of working with wealth management clients. "We try to understand what clients want money to do for them," explained Mike Capelle, chief strategy officer at United Capital. "We have really spent a lot of time … Continue reading at

Money View & ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund Jointly Launch A New Age Digital Solution For Personal Savings

Hyderabad: Money View, India's leading money management app and ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund, a leading Mutual Fund (MF), announce the launch of an innovative and first-of-its kind app-based solution to allow users to Save& aim to grow their money smartly. Continue reading at

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