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Personal finance website says Bakersfield is one or the worst cities for basketball fans

Personal finance website says Bakersfield is one or the worst cities for basketball fans

According to personal finance website WalletHub, basketball is the third most followed sport in America. Taking this into account and with March Madness in full swing, the website found 2016's Best & Worst Cities for Basketball Fans. WalletHub's … Continue reading at

Sooperfly launches personal finance vertical

Mumbai-based digital video network Sooperfly, part of The 120 Media Collective, has launched a new multi-platform brand focusing on personal finance and delivering that information in bite-sized, easily digestible content. The online platform is set to go … Continue reading at

3 common financial mistakes you should avoid

From balancing budgets to saving for a retirement that may be several decades away, personal finance is an undoubtedly difficult undertaking. And like so many things that are challenging, it's easy to make mistakes that can trip you up as you work toward … Continue reading at

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Help to Save joins Help to Buy ISA as government focuses on personal finance

The UK has introduced a new Help to Save scheme, as the government continues to focus on bolstering people's personal finance. The new savings scheme will give a 50 bonus after two years to anyone in work and in receipt of Universal Credit or Working Tax … Continue reading at

Accountants worry over financial advice boom

Accountants are becoming concerned that growing demand for personal financial advice from clients is putting them at risk of exceeding their professional expertise, according to new research1 from high net worth retirement lending adviser Bower Private … Continue reading at

Personal Finance: Turning Money into Wealth (7th Edition) (Prentice Hall Series in Finance)
For introductory Personal Finance courses. A Blueprint for Securing Your Financial Future Personal Finance: Turning Mone…

Personal Finance For Seniors For Dummies
This title shows the fast and easy way for Baby Boomers to protect their financial future. Are you nearing (or already basking in)…

Personal Finance
This market-leading text offers a student-friendly, practical introduction to managing personal finances. The structured pedagogy …

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In Personal Finance, Coaching Helps, but More Practice Needed

Only 48% of survey respondents said they were on track to reach their retirement income goal even though 98% contributed to a 401(k) plan at work Financial wellness is a lot like a sport, according to the results in the latest Financial Finesse Year in Review. Continue reading at

Seedly wants to simplify personal finance for millennials

What's the cost of failure? In the startup game, it can be heavy, but it can also be an investment for the future. For the Seedly team, it turned out to be the latter. "It's interesting how failure is perceived in the startup world - as something … Continue reading at

Personal finance website says Bakersfield is one or the worst cities for basketball fans

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How to boost your financial happiness

A new Financial Wellness index created by investment company Momentum and the University of Bristol Personal Finance Research Centre plots how satisfied people in the UK are with their financial situation. Financial wellness isn't just about having … Continue reading at

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