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A Case Study On Large-Cap Value Investing

A Case Study On Large-Cap Value Investing

I found 40 large-cap stocks whose share prices declined by over 30% in the past 52-week period and currently trading at no more than 15% above their 52-week lows. Net Cash Stocks And Large-Cap Value Investing In my previous article titled “How Benjamin … Continue reading at

How Have XLV's Large-Caps Performed?

XLV has 49 large-cap stocks in its holdings, with a combined market capitalization of more than $ 10 billion. Among them, 47 stocks fell, and only two stocks rose on a difficult day for biotechnology and healthcare stocks. Large-cap stocks account for ~98.1 … Continue reading at

(FXI) iShares China Large Cap ETF: Top 5 Holdings

In March 2016, it was trading just above that level, at 51 cents a share. The stock’s five-year average annualized return is negative 3.27%. This bank stock accounts for 6.15% of the FXI portfolio. The fifth-largest holding in the iShares China Large-Cap … Continue reading at

Large Cap Trading

Small-Cap Banking Stocks Beat Large-Cap Stocks: End of Sell-Off?

Large-cap companies, which have market capitalizations above $ 10 billion, make up 87.3% of the Financial Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLF)(IYF). These stocks have fallen 5.3% in the past year, but they rose 4% during the trailing-five-day period ending March 4. Continue reading at

Hedge Funds Are Hoarding Shares of These 5 Large-Caps

Outperforming the market with large-cap stocks is not an easy task. However, it is true that these stocks tend to offer a certain degree of stability and predictability, which are not negligible features in a volatile market such as the one we've been … Continue reading at

Large Cap Trading

2 Large-Cap Dividend Favorites and 5 Stocks to Avoid Based on Charts

From the Deutsche Bank list of favorite large-cap stocks, TheStreet selected those with dividend yields above 3.5%. The stocks on our list are covered by the German bank; they have market caps above $ 8 billion, price-to-earnings multiples on 2016 earnings … Continue reading at

First Industrial Realty Trust Moves Up In Market Cap Rank, Passing Owens-Illinois

But comparing market capitalization (factoring in those share counts … For instance, a mutual fund that is focused solely on Large Cap stocks may for example only be interested in those companies sized $ 10 billion or larger. Another illustrative example … Continue reading at

Selling spree pulls stocks down

in its regular analysis also said the selling spree in mini cap and large cap stocks dragged the index down. Turnover, another important indicator of the market, declined 14.8 percent to Tk 370.74 crore, with 11.17 crore shares and mutual fund units … Continue reading at

Cost-Effective Exposure to Small-Cap Growth Stocks

Over the one-year period, mid- and small-cap growth funds were especially … currently trade at a discount to the broader market. In addition to its large combined weight to industrial and technology stocks, consumer discretionary names command over … Continue reading at

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Buffett doesn’t care whether something is large-cap, small-cap, micro-cap, or whatever. What is more important is whether it is a good business and whether he can understand it. On balance, large cap businesses have done much better recently than anyone would have ever dreamed of. This has led to much higher valuations. Whether this is a permanent development is another question.

There has been enormous securitizations of debt in the real estate industry. It has been a bad idea to own real estate through a corporate structure because there is a double taxation problem. REITS have somewhat solved this problem, but it is still usually better to own the real estate yourself rather than to invest through a third party intermediary that is going to take a slice of the cake.

There are a lot of silly valuations placed on real estate companies by people who don’t understand the business whatsoever. They just don’t understand how illiquid property like this really is, so you can’t value it like you would a liquid stock. But Buffett and Munger understand real estate and would be open to opportunities that might present themselves.Tim Sykes, a 25 year-old hedge fund manager, offers a dvice for young investors.Lawrence Roulston, editor of htt[://chats with Cory Fleck of Resource Spots and provides his insight into what he sees in 2013 and where to invest in the resource sector in the year ahead.

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Large Cap Trading

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