Personal finance: College financial aid shifting toward the affluent, study says

Personal finance: College financial aid shifting toward the affluent, study says

If you come from a relatively low-income family, there's a strong chance you are. In fact, you may be subsidizing the education of a student from an affluent family. Why? Because many colleges, with limited pots of financial aid money, are cutting off … Continue reading at

High school students get grilled on personal finance

Money Smart Week launches personal finance challenge for high school students. (Photo: Susan Tompor) We’re a month away from Money Smart Week in Michigan but high school math and economics teachers are being encouraged to gear up now when it comes to a … Continue reading at

A Conversation with Entrepreneur and Consumer Finance Advocate Howard Dvorkin

Recently, I spoke with personal finance expert and consumer advocate Howard Dvorkin. Dvorkin is a true financial education pioneer. Over two decades ago, he quit his job at an accounting firm to start his own business dedicated to helping the average … Continue reading at

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Personal Finance: Why it is important for creditors to help debtors

The ultimate outcome when a creditor fully supports a debtor is they not only save their organisation, but their jobs and the economy get to benefit and grow, too. But tell me how many creditors even realise this outcome when they are seated in positions … Continue reading at

CSU presidents can avoid disclosing personal financial details

President Alexander Gonzalez checked only one box on his personal economic disclosure forms for 11 of his 12 years at Sacramento State: "No reportable interests on any schedule." Gonzalez, who was paid $ 370,000 as university president in 2014, claimed … Continue reading at

PersonalPersonal Finance
PERSONAL FINANCE offers a practical, reader-friendly introduction to personal financial management. Using a structured, step-by-st…
PersonalPersonal Finance
Kapoor/Dlabay/Hughes' Personal Finance is the #1 market-leading Personal Finance text. It provides comprehensive coverage of pe…
PersonalPersonal Finance in Your 20s For Dummies
The easy way to avoid early pitfalls on the road to financial success A little money and a little time is all that’s needed to lay…

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Prepare With A Prenuptial Agreement To Avoid Financial Disaster

As someone in a marriage or who will be getting married, you probably already know that personal financial issues can put a strain on your relationship. Sometimes, financial problems can make a couple grow together and become stronger, but other times … Continue reading at

Personal Finance Corner: Pharma funds with Dhirendra Kr

In the latest episode of Personal Finance Corner, see Dhirendra Kumar, CEO, Value Research, talking about the pharma funds. Continue reading at

6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Financial Advisor

such as the CFP (Certified Financial Planner) or the PFS (Personal Financial Specialist), which is a designation bestowed upon some CPAs (Certified Public Accountants). Both designations require that the advisor have a certain level of experience in the … Continue reading at

SMEs increasingly dependent on personal finances

"Personal finance may appeal from a convenience, speed and accessibility perspective - the downside is that higher-than-necessary funding costs cut directly into margin, and personal financing can impact on lifestyle and leave owners open to family … Continue reading at

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