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The Low-Down On Hedge Funds And Private Equity Funds

The Low-Down On Hedge Funds And Private Equity Funds

The Low-Down On Hedge Funds And Private Equity Funds

Brent Schutte is the chief investment strategist of Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company. Hedge funds and private equity funds, two types of investments available to the wealthy, continue to attract interest and assets in a volatile market … Continue reading at

How many funds do you need for a diversified portfolio?

My retirement portfolio currently consists of two mutual funds. Is that enough? Or do I need more funds to be properly diversified –E.F. When it comes to building a diversified portfolio for retirement– or any other goal — the issue isn’t so much the … Continue reading at

3 Reasons To Consider Using ETFs Vs. Mutual Funds

When I meet with new or prospective clients, we talk about an investment strategy that is right for their particular circumstance. Oftentimes, I get the question, "how do you feel about mutual funds?" The answer to that question is that it depends. Continue reading at

Mutual Funds Strategies

How To Avoid The Worst Style Mutual Funds: Q1’16

The large number of mutual funds has little to do with serving your best interests. Below are three red flags you can use to avoid the worst mutual funds. The following presents the least and most expensive style mutual funds as well as the worst overall … Continue reading at

5 Best-Performing Real Estate Mutual Funds of Q1 2016

Mutual Funds

As the first quarter is drawing to a close, the housing industry remains firmer than what most believed. New residential construction was impressive in February, while rise in new single home sales indicated that there is momentum in the housing market. Continue reading at

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing: The Only Way to Guarantee Your Fair Share of Stock Market Returns
“There are a few investment managers, of course, who are very good – though in the short run, it’s difficult to determine whether …

Bogle On Mutual Funds: New Perspectives For The Intelligent Investor (Wiley Investment Classics)
The seminal work on mutual funds investing is now a Wiley Investment Classic Certain books have redefined the way we view the worl…

Investing for a Lifetime: Paul Merriman’s Guide to Mutal Fund Strategies
Investing for a Lifetime: Paul Merriman’s Guide to Mutal Fund Strategies…

Mutual Funds Strategies

Disclosure norms for new mutual fund commission: Ball in IRDA court

Since ULIP is the insurance product that is similar to mutual funds, this should answer one complaint from the mutual fund industry. And this commission disclosure rule came into existence in 2010 itself, i.e., 6 years ahead of the Sebi's new rules. Continue reading at

3 Best High-Yielding TIPS Bond Mutual Funds (HARRX, IBRIX)

Treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS) are a very beneficial addition to many investment portfolios because of their diversification benefits and protection in environments when inflation is rising. TIPS are adjusted to the most commonly used … Continue reading at

China mutual funds turn to commodities, bet on reforms

The funds want to branch out beyond their traditional focus on stocks and fixed-income, with no immediate upturn in sight in the wake of turmoil last year that pulled down share markets by nearly 50 percent and forced bond yields to multi-year lows. Continue reading at

Hedge Funds for Retail Class Face Regulatory Reckoning

WASHINGTON--A flashy class of mutual funds that allows retail investors to tap into exotic strategies pioneered by hedge funds is colliding with the one force that threatens its growth: regulators on the hunt for systemic risk. Managers of alternative … Continue reading at

Sebi warns mutual funds against bailout of companies

MUMBAI: The stock market regulator has warned mutual funds against cutting cosy deals with companies as banks turn off credit taps to distressed borrowers. The Securities and Exchange board of India (Sebi) has told mutual funds not to get into transactions … Continue reading at

* Paul Skamvougerous and Anthony Aboud, Perpetual’s Long-Short investment team, outline the benefits of absolute return funds, the investment approach of the Perpetual Pure Equity Alpha Fund and where they have had recent success on the long and short side of the Fund.

Mutual Funds Strategies

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