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Personal Finance Gifts for the New Graduate

Personal Finance Gifts for the New Graduate

Personal Finance Gifts for the New Graduate

Don’t get me wrong – when I graduated from college, it was great to get a few checks as gifts from family members and friends. But what I really could have used was some sound financial advice to properly plan my finances as a young adult. As I often … Continue reading at

How CommonBond made it in personal finance

David Klein set out for the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania with a plan -- just not an idea. He knew he wanted to launch a start-up but wasn’t sure how he’d do it, who he’d partner with, or which industry to target. Drawing on examples … Continue reading at

Personal Finance Corner: Dhirendra Kumar talks about ‘International Funds’

In the latest episode of ‘Personal Finance Corner’, Dhirendra Kumar, CEO, Value Research, talks about ‘International Funds’. Continue reading at

Personal Finance

Why Personal Finance Classes Should Be Taught in College

I recently returned from a reunion weekend with some of my college buddies. We caught up on wives, kids, work and all the other important parts of our lives. One thing struck me about the conversations, no matter whether I was speaking with liberal arts … Continue reading at

What Prince can teach you about personal finance

When it came to his music, Prince was one in a million (okay, a billion). But in one other - very important - aspect of his life, he was just, plain average. Like 55% of American adults, according to LexisNexis, Prince didn't have a will. (The … Continue reading at

Personal Finance
PERSONAL FINANCE 12E offers a practical, student-friendly introduction to personal financial management. Using a structured, step-…

Personal Finance
PERSONAL FINANCE offers a practical, reader-friendly introduction to personal financial management. Using a structured, step-by-st…

Personal Finance in Your 20s For Dummies
The easy way to avoid early pitfalls on the road to financial success A little money and a little time is all that’s needed to la…

Personal Finance

Family finance: Entrepreneurs: Don't be the contractor who builds his house last

Put personal priorities relative to personal financial conditions at the top of the list. While busy managing and planning for every phase of business, entrepreneurs should not be as the contractor who builds his own house last. By this I mean that … Continue reading at

Affirm acquires personal finance startup Sweep to expand beyond point-of-sale lending

Affirm isn't wasting any time in moving forward with its "direct-to-consumer" products. A couple of weeks after raising $ 100 million in equity funding, the financial technology company announced today that it has acquired Sweep and its personal … Continue reading at

ezPaycheck Payroll Software Now Offered To High Schools As Educational And Personal Finance Tools

EzPaycheck 2016 payroll software from is now being used in high schools across the US, for teachers to help students understand just how far a paycheck really goes. Students learn how to spend wisely and to choose their career path more … Continue reading at

The Best Personal Finance Services for 2016

Personal financial services are designed to help you make sense of your money. You can use them to get a handle on how much you have, how much you owe, how you spend what you have, how much you save, and how to spend your money differently in the future. Continue reading at

Some principals charged with kickbacks faced financial woes

But a public records search by The Associated Press showed some faced bankruptcies, tax liens and other personal financial troubles just prior to or during the time they are accused of receiving kickbacks from longtime district supply vendor Norman Shy … Continue reading at

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