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3 Large-Cap Stocks to Buy in June

3 Large-Cap Stocks to Buy in June

3 Large-Cap Stocks to Buy in June

With that in mind, below you’ll find three large-cap stocks that our Motley Fool contributors believe are ripe for the buying. Read on, and see which one you find most compelling. John Rosevear: The U.S. new-vehicle market is probably peaking, China’s is … Continue reading at

Market Breadth Indicator: Large Cap Stocks In Favor

It's been a tough market to figure out for traders. And with so many pieces of research that work both for and against market bulls and bears, it's apropos that the stock market has been stuck in a trading range. Today, I'd like to look at another … Continue reading at

9 Overcooked Large-Cap Stocks that Must Be Sold Immediately

The U.S. News & World Report “Top Performers” list is an easy way to screen for large-capitalization stocks that, like Icarus, have been flying a little too high recently. Vulcan Materials Co. (VMC). VMC is a nice way to play the resurgent housing market. Continue reading at

Large Cap Trading

PowerShares Dynamic Large Cap Value Portfolio Experiences Big Inflow

Looking today at week-over-week shares outstanding changes among the universe of ETFs covered at ETF Channel, one standout is the PowerShares Dynamic Large Cap Value Portfolio … Exchange traded funds (ETFs) trade just like stocks, but instead of … Continue reading at

BioMarin Withdraws Application for Kyndrisa: Stock Falls 2.5%

… the most underperforming stock among the large-cap stocks of the SPDR S&P Biotech ETF (XBI). BMRN fell 2.5% and underperformed the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY). The fall came after BioMarin withdrew its Market Authorization Application for Kyndrisa in Europe. Continue reading at

Large Cap Trading

Power Play: Large-cap domestic stocks

The Dow posts its first up day in four sessions as the market shrugs off rate-hike … Read MoreLow rates support the price of few stocks: Strategist His investment strategy now is putting money in large-cap domestic stocks and one of his top picks is … Continue reading at

SILJ: Currently The Best Risk/Reward Silver Stock

Large Cap

The HUI is the gold mining index for mostly large cap miners, and it is not traded … I can still make an estimate of where I think it will trade at $ 100 silver. If I use an estimated average for the stocks in the ETF and apply the same calculations … Continue reading at

U.S. stock funds record second-largest withdrawals this year: ICI

“Just 21 percent of large-cap funds have outperformed … said investors have been leaving stock funds because they have been “scared,” a trend he expects to end as consumer confidence picks up. “The fear trade has about run its course,” he said. Continue reading at

5 Potentially Overvalued Dow Stocks Trading Above Their Fair Value Targets

Trading at $ 71.11, Caterpillar has a consensus analyst … The dividend yield is 2.4%, which is still pretty good compared to many large-cap financial stocks. Continue reading at


Blue Chip Stock Trading


It is a great idea to have a few blue chip stocks in your portfolio. But, is blue chip stock trading really worth the effort? After all blue chips are large cap stocks that are solid, secure and not always very volatile. And it is in volatile stock trading where the profits commonly reside. Here are a few thoughts about the pros and cons of blue chip stock trading.

High Volume, Good Liquidity and Volatility

As a rule technical analysis of stocks is more accurate when a stock trades in high volume and liquidity. To a degree those who prefer blue chip stock trading to trading penny stocks are banking on the accuracy of their technical analysis. In fact, many traders wait to see when large cap stocks start trading in high volume before they jump into the market. A large cap stock with recent high volume trading is Royal Dutch Shell at nearly two million shares and a price dip of a dollar and a half a share from early morning June 24 to mid-day June 25. This is a stock that traded for a share in June of 2013 and just peaked on June 23 at .75 a share. This big oil company has had enough volatility to make blue chip stock trading profitable. Why is that? Royal Dutch is busy spinning off various assets which can affect stock price. And the troubles in the Middle East go on unabated. This fact threatens to drive the price of oil and the Royal Dutch stock price higher. There is enough volatility in this stock to expect profits when traded correctly. And the huge trading volume and good liquidity of this stock make it a good fit for technical analysis of evolving market sentiment.

Blue Chip Fundamentals and Technicals

When we think of blue chip stocks we think of companies like Microsoft. They dominate their market niche and have grown exponentially before finally leveling off. Microsoft was a great stock to trade for years and now it tends to languish in the a share range. However, Microsoft has a trading volume in excess of six million shares and is extremely liquid. It has also been trading in a saw tooth pattern for the last year or more. On its way from a share a year ago to now the stock has been briefly down to and seen up and down movements of as much as . It is fundamentals that have driven Microsoft price up from a share to a share. And it is market sentiment that has caused the saw tooth pattern of the Microsoft stock chart for the last year. Blue chip stock investing in Microsoft has been profitable for those who saw the future and bought at a share. Blue chip stock trading has been much more profitable for those who have cashed in on the repeated stock jumps of a dollar a share or more over that same time frame. As always, an attentive stock trader can greatly out perform a buy and hold investor, even when price movement of a stock like Microsoft is generally up. And it turns out that trading hot stocks really can include blue chip stock trading if you pay attention and get in at the right time.

Large Cap Trading

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