Recent Mandatory Scheduling Legislation Are Bad For Business And For Our Communities

Recent Mandatory Scheduling Legislation Are Bad For Business And For Our Communities

Recent Mandatory Scheduling Legislation Are Bad For Business And For Our Communities

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* Allied Barton Security Services, is a security force subcontracting company and employer of more than 16,000 Philadelphia’s citizens, more than 90% of whom are African-American.

The POWR (Philadelphia Officers and Workers Rising) Campaign is a project of Philadelphia Jobs with Justice.

You can read more here
This is an ongoing and active campaign.

This video was created with the assistance of Media Mobilizing Project (MMP). For more information on this collective and their vision visit:

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18 Responses to “Recent Mandatory Scheduling Legislation Are Bad For Business And For Our Communities”

  1. randy109

    Asking an unarmed guard to engage in a Foot Chase, even if the Guard is young and strong is crazy! The Aerospace Facility where I have been a Security Supervisor for over 30 years has guards, armed with Batons, Pepper Spray, Tasers and Glock 9mm's. Even we don't engage in foot pursuits of suspects unless we basically walk right into them and must engage to effect an arrest. You might be armed to the teeth and still get stuck with a Hunting Knife or a Screwdriver. It is never worth it to chase someone if you are not positive they aren't armed AND you have a back-up officer. Even cops chasing suspects are risking their lives for very little gain. In the Police Academy (central California, 1979) they told us that engaging in "foot pursuits" are a personal call and if not sure if a suspect is armed is for Super Hero Wannabees and TV shows. "Tombstone Courage" was the term our instructors used. That woman is right. You aren't paid to chase suspects without adequate weapons AND a back-up officer…

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  2. Santo Miguel

    Allied Barton has a "quota system" at most of its Posts. At least one of the Security Officers must NOT be African-American. And of course; they know that they don't have to work….just show up. Maybe.

    Most of the Supervisors and Managers are Sodomites; beware hetero-sexual men applicants.

    Women Officers WILL be sexually harrassed (by men AND women).

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  3. Donald Smith

    Universal Protective Services. It's now called Universal Allied. We got screwed by SEIU, reduced raises every year.

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  4. Sean Felder

    Universal Services is sued by me at NYC Small Claims Court for violation,unpaid lost wages.They will be exposed on social media.See other guards being mistreated,harassed,violated of their civil rights.Corporate plantation and most private security companies like to pay minority workers slave labor money to oppress us.

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  5. Bella_Bella_Bee Caston


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  6. Donald Smith

    allied barton got acquired by UPS, you are about to get totally screwed over just like ABM!

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  7. Scott Barratachea

    anyone who doesn't even have prior military or LE experience, shouldn't even go into this job area. with the prior experience, I'm sure they would have caught on to the "ripping off".

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  8. Robby Riggs

    hire security gaurds that are educated and give them good pay and benefits,these morons that they hire are worth nothing,start to hire white educated white people,i would not hire those black dummys who have no teeth. i mean really they look like they were released from prison.allied security this is all your faults for hiring morons,i hope our new president really shakes things up in america. and hopefully it is donald trump

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  9. Adder Birdo

    are these companies run by union? are people going into security just to work or are they really into this field?

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  10. Give My Opinion

    lady if your working 80 hours a week that is 40 hours over time b.s. on you only making 225 a week after taxes.

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  11. Carroll Ware

    I work for Securitas as a flex officer and some sites pay minimum wage but I make 50 cents above it regardless because I am a flex officer. I do admit some sites no having restroom access are the ones I will not go back to. I have heard we have sites between $9.00 & $18.00 an hour but of course no one will tell me where they are. I am fortunate enough I recieve SSDI benefits and work just to suppplement my income. As a career contract security would not be my first choice.

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  12. TheRossini72

    most private security companies are the same.and you find the the same issues with most. low pay..from 7.25 to 10 dollars a hour. politics from property management. And as one account manager told me when i worked at allied,all they care about is the client. The client can lie about you and get away with it. they want you gone,your gone no matter how good of a worker you are. Oh yeah can't forget,advancement outside of a supervisor,forgetaboutit!

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  13. Brandon Rohlfs

    Unless you work in house you're going to get screwed and even then in many cases the pay isn't that great.

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  14. ElAminNews sweNnimAlE

    At 721 Uncle Ruckus used to work for Allied Barton? :-)

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  15. kionne123

    I worked for Allied Barton in Dallas,Tx a free to work state. I was fired for putting in a transfer to a different account. And the person I referred was fires for not having a company issued badge that was never issued to her. she was considered out of uniform and wrote up every day for 3 days til termination. SORRY COMPANY

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  16. Nicholas Evans

    i've been in security for 2 years now. in that time of working in house and contract security, most clientele just want a presence, a walmart door greeter.

    they want the cheaper insurance and use security as a punching bag when things go wrong. security will only get better when people "really want" security and not just a pair of eyes and ears. the security guard industry will only get better for the people in the uniforms, when our country faces a everyday threat. i.e. post 9/11.

    As of right now clientele only want a door greeter.

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  17. E Boogie

    I swear some of the people at the Allied Barton call center act brain dead and it takes close to 30 minutes up to an hour for someone to answer the damn phone.

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  18. manolapix

    Worst SECURITY COMPANY EVER. THERE IS FAVORITISM, NEPOTISM, and POLITICS IN THIS COMPANY. They do not care about their guards no matter how much they preach that they do. You are expendable in this company, make a little mistake and best believe they will have another guard ready to take your spot with the quickness. The managers, and supervisors are corrupt……………….i remember i became sick one day and i tried to call in sick, mind you i had never called off work before,…… my supervisor and manager literally told me to ride it out……..FUCK A LIE BARTON.

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