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The Best Bank Stocks for Dividend Investors

The Best Bank Stocks for Dividend Investors

The Best Bank Stocks for Dividend Investors

While almost all bank stocks pay dividends, not all dividend-paying bank stocks are equally worth buying. Some are better than others. Given this, I drew up a short list of the three best bank stocks for dividend investors. The first reason I chose these … Continue reading at

17 dividend stocks that may rise up to 26% in the next year

Long-term stock performance is helped greatly when companies not only pay dividends but reduce the share count by repurchasing shares, say analysts at New York-based investment bank Jefferies. A lower share count means rising earnings per share for a … Continue reading at

4 Cheap Dividend Growth Stocks to Buy (AVB, CMI, GILD, PSA)

We all know the secret to successful investing is buying low and selling high. But what does that mean, exactly - do we simply buy companies growing their top lines aggressively in today's low-growth world? There are dangers in this approach, which put … Continue reading at

Stock Market Investing

Ex-Dividend Reminder: UnitedHealth Group, New Senior Investment Group and First American Financial

Looking at the universe of stocks we cover at Dividend Channel, on 9/6/16, UnitedHealth Group Inc (NYSE: UNH), New Senior Investment Group Inc (NYSE: SNR), and First American Financial Corp (NYSE: FAF) will all trade ex-dividend for their respective … Continue reading at

Smoking Out 12% Cash And Stock Dividends From Tobacco

In this case, the investor enjoys his cash dividend, his stock dividend and days later his capital value is restored as well. BREAKING DOWN “Stock Dividend” A stock dividend is a distribution of shares to existing shareholders in lieu of a cash dividend. Continue reading at

Stock Market for Beginners Book: Stock Market Basics Explained for Beginners Investing in the Stock Market (The Investing Series) (Volume 1)
LEARN:: Stock Market Investing for Beginners and Stock Market Basics This enhanced and updated edition is aimed at the individual…

Stock Investing For Dummies
Grow your stock investments in today’s changing environment Updated with new and revised material to reflect the current market, t…

Stock Trading: Tips for Trading Stocks – From Stock Trading For Beginners To Stock Trading Strategies (Stock Trading Systems Book 1)
Why Reinvent The Wheel If You Don’t Have To? Learn Stock Trading From Those Who Are Already Successful!Successful stock traders ar…

Stock Market Investing

The Best Stocks To Create a Legacy Dividend-Growth Portfolio

Large-cap tech stocks are all the rage when it comes dividend-growth investing. They're all the rage for good reason. Consider Microsoft. Over the past 10 years, its annual dividend has grown to $ 1.44 per share from $ 0.40. That's 13.7% average annual … Continue reading at

4 Top Dividend Paying Mutual Funds To Buy In September

At this juncture, income seeking investors will look for funds that are exposed to stocks providing handsome dividends. A low interest rate environment is also a boon for dividend paying companies. September: Historically the Worst September is an … Continue reading at

4 Blue-Chip Dividend Stocks to Buy in September

Fed officials have made much hue and cry about the possibility of a rate hike in September. However, weak factory sector data have diminished chances of the same. Manufacturing activity showed a slowdown in August, ahead of the much awaited August jobs … Continue reading at

Is Dividend Investing Still Viable?

The recent closing of the Vanguard Dividend Growth (VDIGX) fund to new investors might be a sign that things might be changing for dividend-oriented investors. Vanguard indicated the move was made to "control asset growth." Fund companies that close … Continue reading at

This Well-Known Dividend Giant Is On Sale

The recent price decline also means that BMY’s dividend yield is now more attractive: at the pre-plunge price, shares were yielding only about 2%. They’re now yielding a more respectable 2.6%. BMY is in a strong financial position, with a dividend payout … Continue reading at

* High dividend yields may be attractive in the current environment, but investors need to focus on future dividend growth, not current yield, said Eric Ervin, CEO of Reality Shares. ‘If earnings continue to slide, the high yield, high payout ratio companies won’t be able to maintain their dividend and the stocks will become even more volatile,’ said Ervin. ‘Take profits now on your high yielding, low quality names, they have significantly outperformed the market. Transition those profits into stronger healthier companies with good prospects for future dividend growth.’ The Reality Shares DIVS ETF , which seeks to deliver capital appreciation based on the growth of dividends – not stock price – of large cap companies, is up 3% year-to-date. Historically, dividend and earnings growth have been fairly correlated over the long term. However, over the last few years, dividend and earnings growth have deviated significantly, and this makes sense as earnings growth is traditionally much more volatile than dividend growth, according to Ervin. S&P 500 dividend growth is around 2.5% year-to-date, while year-over-year dividend growth is around 5.6%, according to Reality Shares. 2016 should be the fifth consecutive year of record dividend payments in the S&P 500, although it may not be the sixth consecutive year of double-digit dividend growth. Ervin said the market will continue to see strong dividend growth in the information technology sector, regardless of whether or not earnings growth persists among those companies. That is because they continue to have lower-than-average dividend payout ratios and tend to have significant amounts of cash on their books to cover increasing dividend payments for years to come. The financial sector is another good place to seek dividend growth, according to Ervin, now that the nation’s biggest banks have been passing the government’s stress tests. ‘You are not going to get a massive yield out of these banks, but you are going to get earnings growth and dividend growth out of that,’ said Erwin, adding that it is also a good time to reduce exposure to over-extended, high-yielding utility stocks.

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