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What you must know about eKYC in mutual funds

What you must know about eKYC in mutual funds

What you must know about eKYC in mutual funds

The Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has been consistently trying to ease the process of investing in capital markets, including mutual funds. Using digitisation, it has been striving to increase the penetration of mutual funds by simplifying the … Continue reading at

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Mutual Funds Investing

Mutual fund managers find summer rewards in emerging markets

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Mutual Funds Investing

Angel Oak's UCITS Mortgage Credit Fund Crosses 0 Million in Assets

Over the past five years, the firm's U.S. mutual fund has grown to over $ 4 billion USD in AUM. "The fast growth of the UCITS fund over a short period of time and in a difficult market environment is a strong indication of European investors' interest … Continue reading at

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U.S. regulators allow BlackRock funds to lend to one another

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* Most important steps and things to know for NRIs wanting to buy mutual funds in India. URL:

Find out if you can invest

Check whether your country of residence will permit your investment. Further, check whether the fund houses sell their funds to NRIs in your country of residence.

Explore if your representative can invest for you

It might be difficult for you to complete investment related formalities, such as buying units, switching, redemption and, so on. Find out if your his India-based representative could do all this with the help of a registered Power of Attorney (PoA).

Get the KYC done

Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure for you and your representative i.e. the Power of Attorney holder, needs to be done. Complete the procedure by submitting the KYC application form. Remember, you need to be there in person for the verification of the KYC application.

Select a bank account

Depending on whether you want to send the money back to your country of residence, you can choose between an NRE or NRO bank account

Submit FIRC

You and your representative will need to submit FIRC (Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate) or confirmation letter issued by the bank confirming the source of the funds. Alternatively, provide a photocopy of rupee draft or banker's cheque, if sought. Check whether the fund house allows direct debit for purchase of mutual fund units by NRIs and if there are restrictions for online transactions.

Check for double taxation agreements

Find out about the tax treatment of your mutual fund investment earnings in India in your country of residence. A double taxation avoidance agreement (DTAA) between two countries will help you avoid getting taxed twice. Help the client in getting relevant tax-related information.

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Mutual Funds Investing

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