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Risky business

Risky business

Risky business

"Political risk has shifted to the developed world," gloated a recent column in South Africa's Rand Daily Mail. It is easy to see why this idea has traction. The Indian government is both stable and pro-business. Vladimir Putin has imposed order on … Continue reading at

Sold: Officials optimistic about Tanglewood Mall’s future after recent purchase

Sold: Officials optimistic about Tanglewood Mall’s future after recent purchase By Tiffany Holland … Home delivery of the newspaper will begin within three to five business days, and The Roanoke Times will contact you to arrange future payment. Continue reading at

Unfinished Business: How Phil Scott Lost a Nightclub

Throughout his campaign for the state’s top job, Lt. Gov. Phil Scott and his allies have made much of his experience as a small-business owner. In one recent television ad funded by the Republican Governors Association, Scott highlighted the importance of … Continue reading at

Business Reference

How the Internet of Things will Affect Your Business

After all, it's not as if we haven't had a lot of privacy controversies in recent years. If your business is getting involved in IoT, then you need to give serious thought to the privacy issues that arise. Consider just how much data these IoT devices … Continue reading at

Business Leaders Face #NeverTrump Peer Pressure


In a recent TV interview, general partner George Zachary said … As I see it, that has nothing to do with what all these business leaders seem to be up in arms about. But then, looks can be deceiving. Is it possible that smart CEOs and VCs can't tell … Continue reading at

Contracts: The Essential Business Desk Reference
Life has become an endless series of contracts-this is the manual. There's no reason to risk your hard-earned money signing a …

Dictionary of Banking Terms (Barron’s Dictionary of Banking Terms)
Small in size but packed with detailed information, Barron’s Business Dictionaries are extremely useful and economical reference s…

The Business Reference Guide
This professional guide is loaded with information for business brokers, mergers and acquisition specialists, appraisers, accounta…

Business Reference

I Was a Hostage Negotiator, and This Is What It Taught Me About Business

We knew a recent loss was the most likely trigger for a change in behavior. One of the big reasons I knew that hostage negotiation strategies would be an enormous booster for business and personal negotiations was when I ran across Professor Kahneman’s theory. Continue reading at

Negative Rates Not All Bad as Mizuho Sees Pension Business Boost

It's seeking to expand the 1.7 trillion yen ($ 16.6 billion) of defined-contribution plans it manages for companies' employees by 30 percent over the next three years, according to Koji Imuta, a senior manager in the asset-management business … Continue reading at

Recent crime could cause damage to Fort Wayne’s reputation

Through September, there have already been 34 homicides. Seven deaths in the last four days alone. Vice President of account service and business development at Asher, Anthony Juliano, says that if this trend continues long term, it could definitely change … Continue reading at

Bill Ford On Why The Family Business Is Betting On Mobility

But more than just a figurehead in Ford's mobility strategy, the company scion has for years been the driving force and visionary behind the automaker's recent shift … the end of the day we have to build a business." But he added that the company … Continue reading at

Frontier Communications Corporation’s Most Disappointing Business Segment in 2016 So Far

Frontier’s track record in growing its share of revenue and profit from business customers hasn’t been as strong as most investors would have liked. Although the recent Verizon acquisition gives Frontier another chance to work closely with business … Continue reading at


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