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Trump’s Business Ties in the Gulf Raise Questions About His Allegiances

Trump’s Business Ties in the Gulf Raise Questions About His Allegiances

Trump's Business Ties in the Gulf Raise Questions About His Allegiances

LONDON -- President Trump has done business with royals from Saudi Arabia for at least 20 years, since he sold the Plaza Hotel to a partnership formed by a Saudi prince. Mr. Trump has earned millions of dollars from the United Arab Emirates for putting … Continue reading at

Accuser Jewel Allison Says Cosby Is in a Prison of His Own Making

NORRISTOWN, Pa. -- Jewel Allison stood on the courthouse steps after a judge declared a mistrial in the Bill Cosby case and listened to chimes marking the 11 o'clock hour. "I don't think it's a coincidence that we came out here and I'm hearing … Continue reading at

After The Amazon Deal: What Will Shopping At Whole Foods Feel Like?

When the news broke that Amazon had agreed to buy Whole Foods for $ 13.7 billion, the retail food sector went a little bananas. The stock prices of large food retail chains, such as Costco, tumbled a bit. And this headline from Business Insider helps … Continue reading at

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Corporate spending to rise modestly as global growth picks up


Corporate investments are picking gingerly up again, as chief executives are heartened by signs of solid and broad-based global economic growth, but the "animal spirits" unleashed in the US last year by hopes over president Donald Trump's economic … Continue reading at

BTG Pactual: Brazil is like 'House of Cards' on acid

The Petrobras corruption scandal in Brazil, the country's largest ever, has helped topple one president, imperilled a second, hit profits at companies from the UK to the US, and led to several imprisonments. It also engulfed Andr? Esteves, the … Continue reading at

Accounting for Small Business Owners
All the financial accounting a small business will ever needOwning and running a small business can be complicated. On top of deve…

The Small Business Bible: Everything You Need to Know to Succeed in Your Small Business
An updated third edition of the most comprehensive guide to small business success Whether you’re a novice entrepreneur or a seas…

Small Business Owner’s Guide to Digital Marketing : The Simple, Five-Step Process to Get More Leads and Customers
Troy is a multi-time former startup junky living in Silicon Valley. After growing tired of the boom-bust cycle of chasing the ulti…

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Bond Traders Still Come Out as Winners After Four Fed Rate Hikes

It's been 18 months since the Federal Reserve's first post-crisis increase in interest rates. Four hikes in, investors in the $ 14 trillion Treasuries market are laughing all the way to the bank. The 10-year yield ended last week at 2.15 percent, after … Continue reading at

Meet the Legislation Designed to Stifle Shareholders

When Wells Fargo recovered $ 60 million in compensation from two top executives last September, it was a rare example of managers being held responsible for a titanic oversight failure. To meet sales quotas, the bank had opened thousands of sham accounts … Continue reading at

Fast-casual restaurant sales are slowing, study shows

A new report on the top 250 fast-casual restaurant chains shows the segment’s revenue grew in 2016, but not at the same pace as in previous years. The annual report from Technomic found that the top 250 fast casual chains grew sales cumulatively 8.4 … Continue reading at

Trade: Much More Than A NAFTA Thought

The S&P/TSX Composite Index has dramatically underperformed global markets this year even as Canadian earnings and economic growth have rebounded. Shifting trade winds are likely playing a role. After making rather bellicose statements on the campaign … Continue reading at

Vista Tower lands record 0 million construction loan from Chinese bank

Vista Tower will be Chicago’s third-tallest building when it’s completed in 2020, but the ultraluxury condominium and hotel tower is already No. 1 in another category: the size of its construction loan. The 94-story tower’s developers have borrowed $ 700 … Continue reading at


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