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Develop Personal Finance Apps to Gain Control of Your Budgeting

Develop Personal Finance Apps to Gain Control of Your Budgeting

Develop Personal Finance Apps to Gain Control of Your Budgeting

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* AntPocket is a personal finance manager that helps you to keep track of your personal finance simply and efficiently! Get your budgets under control with AntPocket now and always be on top of your expenses.

Main features

– income and expense tracker
– repeating and planned expenses and incomes
– setup multiple budgets for specific categories
– know your budget history
– setup multiple accounts
– beautiful charts and reports
– create income, expenses and transfer transactions
– add/remove your own categories
– no ads
– drag and drop widgets in the Overview page.
– show transaction location on Google Maps
– show all transactions related to a selected budget from the budget list page
– sync the default currency among all of your devices and web app
– add pictures to your transactions
– ATM and Bank finder

Synchronize multiple devices with ease

– automatic sync over multiple devices and on
– great dashboard to know exactly where your money goes.

Safe and secure

– PIN security to lock the app
– all transactions are encrypted

Dashboard on

– manage your finances on your pc
– visualize your finances with charts and reports
– your data is automatically synchronized with all your devices

AntPocket Premium Membership

– Unlimited financial accounts (with Free Membership only 2 accounts are available)
– Unlimited budgets (with Free Membership only 2 budgets are available)
– Create your own custom categories

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