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Focus on 3 Small-Cap Growth Mutual Funds for Solid Returns

Focus on 3 Small-Cap Growth Mutual Funds for Solid Returns

Focus on 3 Small-Cap Growth Mutual Funds for Solid Returns

Small-cap growth funds are natural choices for investors with a high-risk appetite when capital appreciation over the long term takes precedence over dividend payouts. These funds focus on realizing a… Continue reading at

Jason: SEC needs your feedback on mutual funds

Do you invest in mutual funds? If you do, either through your retirement plan at work or directly, you are one of 100 million. That's a big number, representing over Julie Jason 2 out of 5 households, … Continue reading at

Why You Should Buy Bad Mutual Funds On Purpose

I like open-ended mutual funds more than ETFs because ETFs are misused. People typically use ETFs for speculation, partly because ETF issuers encourage speculation. The funny thing about investing … Continue reading at

Mutual Funds Trading

BlackRock Is Said to Weigh Setting Up Mutual-Funds Unit in China

(Bloomberg) — BlackRock Inc. is considering seeking a mutual-funds license in China, people with knowledge of the matter said, as the world's largest asset manager pursues ways to expand and exert mo… Continue reading at

Avoiding the mutual fund tax trap | Rossi

Mutual Funds

You heard that right – taxable gains when you are experiencing declines. Before we examine how to avoid this tax trap, let us first review the structure of open-ended mutual funds. The mechanics of ho… Continue reading at

Morningstar Shareholder 2010: The Handbook of Australia’s Top 500 Companies
Shareholder — a leading investment market publication since 1996 — provides instant access to detailed information on the top …

Finance and Economics Discussion Series: The Economics of the Mutual Fund Trading Scandal
I examine the economic incentives behind the mutual fund trading scandal, which made headlines in late 2003 with news that several…

Mutual Fund Trading Abuses: Lessons Can Be Learned from SEC Not Having Detected Violations at an Earlier Stage
The BiblioGov Project is an effort to expand awareness of the public documents and records of the U.S. Government via print public…

Mutual Funds Trading

Why Active Funds Have Outperformed in Theory But Fallen Short in Practice

The U.S. equity mutual fund market and the U.S. stock market aren’t the same thing; the latter is far larger than the former, with other participants including pensions, hedge funds, and individual in… Continue reading at

Is Vanguard Consumer Staples Index Admiral (VCSAX) A Strong Mutual Fund Pick Right Now?

We note that VCSAX is a Large Cap Blend option, an area loaded with different options. More often than not, Large Cap Blend mutual funds invest in companies with a market cap of over $ 10 billion. Buyi… Continue reading at

Best And Worst Q4 2018: Consumer Cyclicals ETFs And Mutual Funds

The Consumer Cyclicals sector ranks seventh in Q4 2018. Based on an aggregation of ratings of 444 stocks in the Consumer Cyclicals sector. XRT is our top-rated Consumer Cyclicals ETF and FDLSX is … Continue reading at

Consider These 3 Mutual Funds From the JP Morgan Portfolio

JPMorgan is one of the major mutual fund managers in the United States and prides itself for being the nation's leader in equity fund flows. JPMorgan offers managed accounts and retirement products. Continue reading at

How to Find Gender Equality Mutual Funds and ETFs

Gender equality investors got an early holiday present this week: a new free fund screening tool enabling them to evaluate the gender equality of their mutual funds and ETFs. The tool, created by … Continue reading at

* As dividend growth slows, investors should seek stocks with solid current payouts and avoid turning toward more speculative fare, says Josh Peters.

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Mutual Funds Trading

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